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Find Out How to Level Up your Photo Booth with AI Segmentation

Photo Booth with AI Segmentation

Are you struggling to find ways to innovate your photo booth offering? 

The Photo Booth industry is constantly changing, with new concepts and ideas popping up all the time. 

If you’re not staying up to date on all the trends, you could be losing out on hundreds of high-paying potential clients.

That’s why the team at Snappic is always looking to advance their photo booth software. They want to help you maximize your business’ potential by giving you the latest and greatest features.

That’s where their latest photo booth innovation comes in: AI Segmentation. 

This advanced feature (exclusive to Snappic’s iOS-based photo booth software) is a game-changer when it comes to video output. Utilize this in your booth offering, and you’ll zoom past all the competition!

So what exactly is AI Segmentation?

We’ve all heard of Artificial Intelligence, but do you know how it’s been used to progress the photo booth industry?

From facial recognition to background removal, AI has been vital in creating awesome new features that have made photo booths easier to use and more exciting for guests. 

The developers at Snappic have now used smart AI software to create another game-changing new feature: AI Segmentation. 

How does it all work? 

The AI software differentiates between the human subjects and background in any video, and essentially segments (or divides) the video into two separate parts. You can then add different effects and overlays to these two parts. And here’s the best part: it all happens within the Snappic app, in real-time at your event. 

How will AI Segmentation improve your Photo Booth videos?

Put new life into your videos using this incredible feature. Depending on what type of booth you own, there is room for many creative opportunities that will wow your clients!

  • 360 Photo Booths

Everyone is getting into 360 booths these days, so why not stay ahead of the curve with AI Segmentation. This feature is a perfect way to put a greater focus on the subjects of your 360 videos. For example, you can make the background black and white, and make the people on the platform stand out with a chromatic aberration effect. There are endless combinations, so get your creative juices flowing!

  • iPad booths

Take your videos to the next level and create customized experiences with your videos. Put a themed or branded animated background behind your subjects, add fun effects to make the guests pop, use freeze frames and pans… The possibilities are endless.

You can use this feature to make weddings, parties, brand activations, festivals, and just about any event way more memorable and exciting! 

Photo Booth with AI Segmentation

How will AI Segmentation improve your Photo Booth Business?

Make more money!

Charge premium prices for the use of this feature in your videos, as your clients will be amazed by the output. And you are more likely to go viral with the videos, leading to more paid gigs!

Book bigger gigs!

You could approach larger corporations and promote some innovative brand activations. Target the high-end wedding scene and give the happy couple some amazing videos they can cherish forever. 

Stay ahead of the competition!

Create a unique offering that your competitors can’t match. By mastering AI Segmentation, you can stay ahead in the photo booth industry and offer services that other photo booth businesses can’t.

Is AI Segmentation a Green Screen replacement?

We don’t recommend using AI Segmentation to replace a physical green screen on a professional level. This is mainly because the smart AI software will pick up any human subjects in the video and apply the effect to every person in the video. So if your 360 booth is set up in a busy area with tons of people hanging around, it will apply the same effect that’s on your main subject on to the people in the background as well.

However, if your background is less busy and there aren’t any other human subjects around, you could get away with using this feature as a green screen replacement (without a physical green screen). Which is a great way to minimize the amount of equipment you need to carry to events.

So, ready to test out this awesome new feature?

Sign up for a Snappic account and get started! Live support is available 24/7 if you need any help throughout your Snappic journey. We can’t wait to see what you can do with AI Segmentation!

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