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Find Out How TechAhead Can Empower Startups, SMEs To Turbocharge Their Revenues

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In 2005, Forbes published a survey that gauged the success rate of startups, and one very startling revelation was made: 90% of all startups will fail eventually.

This caused ripples across the startup, SME world, and the investors, entrepreneurs started digging deep into the ecosystem and attempting to find the reason for this alarming failure rate.

In our experience at TechAhead, one of the biggest reasons for such a high failure rate among startups and SMEs is the lack of vision for the future.

We have observed how brilliant ideas fail to take off because the founders failed to gauge the massive change in consumer behavior, the onslaught of newer, sharper technologies, and ignored the tech innovations that their users desperately wanted.

We at TechAhead are on a mission to change this, forever.

TechAhead Empowering Startups, SMEs With Digital Transformation

In the last 12 years of our glorious history, we have unleashed a tsunami of digital transformation for startups, SMEs, enterprises, Forbes 500 companies, and more, and our stunning success rate is the evidence of our disruptive tech innovation.

At our IT outsourcing company, we have a relentless focus on creating human-centric designs, deploying powerful technologies, and launching next-gen mobile and digital platforms for global businesses has unleashed a new era of successful, growth-oriented success stories, across different verticals.

Our laser-targeted focus on delighting customers, and enabling them to solve their problems seamlessly has assisted hundreds of our clients to embrace success & growth, consistently.

And this has a ripple impact: As your business embraces digital transformation, you attract bright talent, the right clients, and the attention of experienced investors, who propel your business to grow further and enable you to crush competitors and dominate your market.

Find out how TechAhead is achieving this high success rate, by leveraging the power of technology for hundreds of global brands, and millions of users.

Brace for impact, because the next few paragraphs can change everything about your business, right away!

Human-Centric Design

The reason why TechAhead is counted among the top 1000 technology service providers in the world is our dedicated focus on sculpting a human-centric design approach, that becomes the gamechanger for our clients.

Be it mobile apps, digital platforms, or IoT-enabled solutions: Our creative, human-centric, immersive design principles become that leverage to distinguish our clients from hundreds of other startups and empower them to carve a unique niche for themselves.

And this is the real success.

Take, for instance, our stunning UX and UI innovation for {The And} Relationship game, wherein we deployed an Emmy Award-winning design experience for the end-users, and established our clients firmly on the various app stores.

We treat design as a revolution, and this is our USP and specialty.

Powerhouse of Talent

We strongly believe that our team is our biggest asset, and we are proud of our 200+ team members who are digitally native, passionate, and out-of-the-box thinkers, hell-bent on providing disruptive solutions for our clients.

While our creative designers, UX/UI experts are based out of Los Angeles, USA, our sharp programmers are based out of Noida, India, providing the best of both worlds to our clients.

Our unique model of nurturing the right talent at the right location is big, powerful leverage for our clients, who are able to work with the crème de la crème of talent spread across the US and India.

And this translates to massive success.

Next-Gen Technologies

Along with human centric design fundamentals, our biggest strength lies in deploying next-gen technologies that are powerful, flexible, and robust.

Unlike our competitors who still rely on age-old technologies, our expertise in the newer, sharper, and innovative technology stack for creating mobile apps, website portals, digital platforms, and IoT solutions gives us a unique edge in the market.

No wonder that we have one of the top reviews on Clutch, a globally renowned listing portal of service providers, and our clients are in awe of our tech innovations and deployments.

Some of the top technologies we work on include (but not limited to): Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Node, Angular, React, Vue, Python, PHP, .Net, AWS, Azure, GCP, Firebase, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and more.

Our devops consulting, and solution architecture consulting are hugely popular with the tech community.

Leveraging The Power Of IoT, AI, Cloud

When it comes to designing and developing cutting-edge solutions via IoT, AI and Cloud computing, then TechAhead is the name to reckon with.

We have worked with some of the biggest global brands, and helped them to offer next-gen technology-enabled platforms for their millions of users, by leveraging the power of IoT solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud computing which very few service providers have been able to achieve.

By deploying next-gen Cloud services, we enabled AXA, world’s 2nd biggest insurance firm to provide their road assistance service upto 80% faster.

We turbocharged Audi’s sales process and helped them generate more business via Cloud enabled 3D iPad app.

We partnered with American Express and assisted them to generate more leads via advanced mobility and Cloud solutions.

For the customers of one of the leading smart home heating providers in the UK, we slashed their electricity bill by 50% by deploying advanced IoT solutions and hardware innovations using their mobile app as the primary platform.

We unleashed a never-seen-before IoT innovation for Volatiles, one of the leading lighting companies, and literally filled the walls with emotions and energy.

Besides, our business mentorship and guidance combined with technological innovations and human centric design have worked wonders for our clients.

This is how we empowered a fitness app to empower 2 million+ moms to lose 6 million pounds and attract millions of new users from all across the world.

And this is just the beginning!

In the last 12 years, we have successfully delivered 2000+ mobile apps, digital platforms, and IoT solutions for 600+ global brands, that includes American Express, Audi, Disney, AXA, ICC, and more.

Connect with us today, and find out how we enable startups and SMEs to unleash digital transformation for their business, and turbocharge revenues, growth, and profits right away!

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