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Fintech is one of the hottest areas of investment currently in the world. Startups are beating the banks by providing cheaper, quicker, online services. To stay at the top of this industry, join the best fintech groups and meetups near you. The following are the some popular fintech groups on

1) Melbourne FinTech Startups Meetup

Melbourne FinTech Startups Meetup is a group which brings together all the Fintech startups in Melbourne in one place. The group is designed to allow members the opportunity to network, share experiences and support one another. The group is open to entrepreneurs and interested individuals

2) New Finance

New Finance is a global network of more than 9,000 professionals actively involved in financial innovation. The members include entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, academics, service providers, government, students, and other interested parties. Many of the new web and mobile platforms that are being developed today and changing the face of the l financial services industry are being made by members of this group. The group supports the global fintech community, publish research, run a range of events and design innovation strategies for new and established companies.

3) The FinTech Ireland meetup

The FinTech Ireland meetup is designed to bring together decision makers in the financial services sector with innovative financial technologies. It’s also the best meeting place for fintech startups to showcase and share their work. The meetup brings leaders from the payments, FX and banking sectors together with entrepreneurs and technologists. This group is organized and managed by the Fintech & Payments Association of Ireland.

4) FinTech Aviv

The mission of FinTech Aviv is to gather the best Israeli minds in the fintech sector, including innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and experts, all together in one place. Specifically, group’s members converse on all things related to the world of finance and Israeli innovation.

5) The NY FinTech Meetup

The mission of the NY FinTech Meetup is  to bring together entrepreneurs that are driving financial technology. The group provides a forum where members share and network with industry leaders. The group also aims to bridge the gap between fintech entrepreneurs and the investment community

6) LA Fintech

LA Fintech is a group where members focus on p2p lending, bit-coin, private equity, cryptocurrencies, mobile apps, laws, crytpo-ledgers, micro debt, secured debt and real estate.  Join this group and meet like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, network and find partners.

7) Villanova Digital

Villanova Digital is a group for Villanova alumni that work in New York City.  The group’s goal is to foster collaboration and community amongst alumni in the fintech sector. If you are an entrepreneur, a technologist, a digital marketer, a venture capitalist or just love the digital economy, this group is for you.

8) Mobile Payments NYC Meetup

The aim of the Mobile Payments NYC Meetup is to discuss all aspects of the mobile payments tech ecosystem. The group provides developers with the tools and inspiration they need to build awesome products, through presentations, workshops and more. The meetup brings together developers and mobile payment experts, including VC’s, executives and entrepreneurs.  The group is designed for anyone who is passionate about creating mobile payments in the New York area.

9) Swiss FinteCH Meetup

Swiss FinteCH Meetup is the place to connect with people who have an interest in financial services, innovation and technology. The group provides the best place for members to learn, share, and network.

10) Holland FinTech Meetup

Holland FinTech Meetup joins individuals that want to gain and share knowledge on fintech. Members of the group include entrepreneurs, investors, people from financial institutions and other stakeholders.

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