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Financing Your First Investment Property

An investment property is a great money-making machine, but in order for it to be fruitful in the future, you need to do some work first.

Getting a property is quite costly, but the benefits will outweigh the negatives. If you are interested in getting your first investment property, then you’re in luck.

In this article, I am going to go over some tips on how you can secure your very own investment property with ease.

  1.    What is Your Main Purpose?

Before anything else, you want to ask yourself the question, “what is my purpose for getting an investment property?”

Whether you’re selling it after it has undergone rehab or you want it to produce your rent income, you have to know what you actually want from the property.

This is a necessary first step because it allows you to know which route to take in the future, especially if you do not have the initial capital to get things rolling.

  1.    Where do you Get the Funding?

Like any other investment, you will need to get the necessary funding. Where will you get the money? Do you have enough assets to secure the property? If not, you will have to resort to other means.

The most common option most people take is to get a loan. Now, there are plenty of loans out there that you can get. There are bank loans and personal loans for example- both of which are viable and great options.

However, I highly advise that you do not go to a larger (national) bank, mainly because of its stringent requirements and the time it takes for your application to be approved.

If you want to take a personal loan, it is best that you have a pretty good credit score so that you will have the best deals when it comes to the interest rate.

  1.    Ideal Properties

So, if you’ve acquired the money for you to purchase a property, which ones should you buy? Since it is your first investment property, it is best that you go around your area and shop for the cheapest that you can find.

Usually, homes and properties that require a huge makeover are pretty inexpensive, so you may want to buy these.

Of course, you have to make sure that the cost to rehabilitate the property should also be within your budget as well.

Another thing to consider will be the location, most especially if you want people to rent the property once everything is done.

An ideal location would be somewhere that is close to the center of the city- where the malls, shopping areas, and the like are nearby.

  1.    What if You Lack the Funds?

Okay, properties can get pretty expensive and you might think that you already have enough money to buy one, only to find that you still lack some capital.

In cases such as this and if you’ve already taken out a loan, there is still something that you can do. One choice that is rising in popularity these days is the cash advance online scheme.

Basically, this is just a hassle-free way of getting the money that you need to finally buy the property and applications are usually approved once you’ve presented the requirements.

  1.    Let the Makeover Begin

If you’ve bought the property, then it is time to start the makeover. Again, you will need some cash for this, but hopefully, you’ve gotten enough by either taking out a loan or availing the scheme that was mentioned earlier.

Again, it can be quite costly, but you have to spend the money to ensure that the end product is enticing to would-be buyers in the future.


Getting an investment property is a good idea if you want to earn a lot of money via a passive income stream. However, you will need to spend a lot of money for you to get the property and to do the necessary building and repairs.

There are plenty of options out there, but first, you have to ask yourself if you want to sell the property or just have it rented by other people. Next, you can either take out a loan or employing other schemes like a cash advance or something similar.

After getting enough capital, have the ball rolling and start building and beautifying the property. It may be costly, but the rewards outweigh the risk each and every time.

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