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Financial Services Companies in Netherlands

Are you looking for Financial Services Netherlands, see this list of 10 popular financial services providers in Netherlands;

1) Rabobank

  • This is a company that offers banking and financial services and is situated in Utrecht, Netherlands. It headquarter manages 129 other local Rabobanks and a number of subsidiaries and international offices.
  • The main focus of this company is the oriented banking and the financing of agricultural and food supplies.

2) ING Group

  • This is international financial and banking service-offering company in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is mainly focused on commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, asset management, direct banking and insurance services.
  • This company is included in the list of the most important companies in 2012.
  • It is cooperator in the associative European banks.

3) Eureko

  • The company is based in Netherlands and is quite big insurance company. Its origin comes from 1992 and has headquarters in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ireland, Greece, Russia and Slovakia as well. In 2011 this company merged with the Dutch one- Achmea N.V and formed nod widely known Achmea B.V.
  • Achmea B.V. is a financial and insurance company as well, continuing with the work of the previous one.

4) Robeco

  • Robeco is a Dutch company offering services in the asset management and the financials.
  • It was founded in 1920 with the name Rotterdamsch Beleggings Consortium, which meant that it is an investment company.
  • In 2014 the company had 246 billion, a huge amount under management.
  • The company was sold to ORIX Corporation in 2013.
  • This company offers services to the private investors as well and the funds for these investors are available through the company itself and some other financial institutions.
  • The company offers savings accounts as well and has a bank called Roparco that deals with the savings services.


  • This is Dutch financial company in the fields of banking and insurance.
  • Its aim and focus is mainly on the medium businesses and the private market, but it is a corporation that is owned by the government.
  • The services of this company can be received from the insurance brand REAAL and the SNS Bank.
  • The Bank has some independent companies that serve as intermediaries and offers its services through its own stores.
  • REAAL insurance company offers the services through independent brokers and in 2011 had 132 billion assets under management.

6) NN Group

  • The company is situated in Netherlands and is one of the biggest insurance companies.
  • It is situated in Rotterdam and The Hague where the headquarters in Rotterdam can be found in Gebouw Delftse Poort skyscraper.
  • It also has offices in Ede and some independent intermediary companies for selling the services aside.

7) Fortis Bank Nederland

  • This is a financial company and a Dutch bank, offering financial and banking services.
  • At the beginning was planned to be invested 4 billion in an exchange of 50% interest rate, but this was not approved, so the bank started operating after a week with 16.8 billion.

8) Bitonic

  • This is a bitcoin company located in Netherlands and is one of the largest.
  • It offers buying and selling bitcoin services and is in cooperation with BitMerchant.
  • They tend to make the e-commerce companies to accept the payment method of bitcoin.
  • The BitStraat branch enables the retailers to accept the bitcoin as the fastest way of payment.

9) AdviceGames

  • This is a machine-earning company that prevents financial stress and its Intelligent Agents and Virtual Financial Assistants tend to make the costumers and the business providers to reduce the financial stress and prevent it from appearing.
  • This is also a gamification company that deals with the prevention of financial stress.

10) Ebury

  • It is a FinTech company that is located in Amsterdam and tends to enable the businesses from medium and small size to make trades on international level.
  • The companies are able to finance the imports they make and to receive payments in foreign currencies, in almost 120.
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