Financial Professional Pam Hopman Embraces Her Passions for Coaching Women & Entrepreneurs to Greatness

Pam Hopman

For more than two decades, financial advisor Pam Hopman has worked to carve a unique niche in a crowded marketplace of financial professionals. In doing so, she has honed in on her passion for helping women to become more savvy with money, leading to independence and increased savings and investments. She has also moved around the country, from Illinois to Florida, and has now settled in Arizona, where she has expanded into another passion of hers, which is business consulting.

As a female entrepreneur, Hopman has found herself drawn to educating other women, as well as other entrepreneurs. Knowing that she has at times felt misunderstood or alone in her role as a business owner, Hopman seeks to ensure that her clients never feel the same way. Whether she is coaching them on how to save enough money to invest effectively, or on how to build their business in order to sell it for top dollar, Hopman puts herself in the position of educator and cheerleader.

Hopman is well-known for working with clients who aren’t necessarily “ready” for her services. Financial advisors make larger compensation when their clients already have a lump sum on-hand, but Hopman sees great opportunity in working with people who don’t know how to get started saving at all. Acting as their financial coach, rather than advisor, she helps to lay the building blocks for future financial independence.

Rather than shy away from “troubled” clients or those who are just starting out, Hopman has positioned herself as an ally and a teacher, a role she is enthusiastically carrying over to her business consulting company, B.I.C. Consulting.

Education is the First Step to Progress

In order to prepare clients for her professional services, Hopman often finds herself in the role of sharing her wisdom. This is so true that she wrote a book, Wealth Amplified!: A Five-Step Guide for the Professional Woman to Make More Money, Keep More Money, and Love Your Life. Within her book, Hopman lays out behavior modifications surrounding finances, and how to best achieve your personal financial goals.

Hopman’s proprietary financial behavior analysis, called The Money Profile, is highlighted in her Amazon best-selling book, and offers her readers a simple quiz to assess their personal spending habits. Once readers understand their relationship with money, they can begin to implement changes that allow them to reach their big-picture financial goals. Primarily direct in tone, with humor speckled throughout, Hopman engages readers without lecturing or criticizing.

In addition to the worksheets and formulas included in Wealth Amplified, Hopman created an online video course to be used alongside her book. Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning, she offers readers and students multiple access points to her material.

Making Her Clients’ Businesses Best In Class

With her newest venture, B.I.C. Consulting (standing for Best in Class), Hopman is working with other entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses prior to exiting them. In preparation for this new role, Hopman received the designation of Certified Exit Planning Advisor from the Exit Planning Institute. 

Throughout her career, Hopman has been vocal about the many benefits of a coaching group that she participates in, in which the other attendees are also entrepreneurs. While they hail from a wide variety of industries, which is unorthodox for coaching groups, Hopman has been exposed to new and creative ideas that would have otherwise not crossed her path. With B.I.C. Consulting, she hopes to offer the same fresh perspectives to other entrepreneurs.

Ever the master of multiple lines of business, Hopman is currently developing her exit planning mastermind course and her mentoring program for entrepreneurs seeking to exit their companies as profitably as possible.

Staying True to Herself

Although Hopman has shifted gears several times throughout her long career, she has stayed true to who she is and where her interests lie. Her passion for assisting others like herself, both women and entrepreneurs, has driven many of her career choices. After decades in business, she has settled comfortably into the role of educator and mentor, creating her own opportunities to teach what she has learned along the way.

In addition to achieving her professional goals, Pam Hopman has learned to prioritize her mental state and to ask for what she needs and wants in life. For Hopman, balancing her personal life with her often-consuming lines of business is a perpetual work in progress that she doesn’t lose sight of.

As Pam Hopman transitions into business consulting and exit planning as primary lines of business, she strives to bring her unique brand of direct humor and effective coaching to a whole new market. Her track record indicates that her transition will be seamless and well-received – and that a new book is probably on the way.

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