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Financer Helps You Make Better Financial Choices: Interview with the CEO of Financer Johannes Larsson.


Financer is a finance comparison website that helps you make better choices with your loans and other financial services. The CEO Johannes Larsson will be sharing more details with us in this interview.

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

I’m Johannes Larsson, founder and CEO of and have been involved in the online marketing industry for more than a decade now.  I love to catch some good waves on the beach, healthy food, my garden and keeping life simple.

What is is a loan and finance comparison engine that operates in 26 markets. The service is for people who are looking to compare financial services such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, savings accounts, insurances and more.

What are major features or services do you provide at

The major feature is that we provide people with a means to find the best possible option, for whatever finance product they’re looking for. The visitor can easily find the cheapest loan, or the highest interest saving account currently on the market – tailored to their needs.

The sorting we use in our comparisons differs slightly from many competitors.

We also include companies (if deemed worthy) in our comparisons that we do not have a partnership (we don’t get paid). In other words we sacrifice a part of our revenue to provide a comparison that is more accurate and thorough and gives the user the full perspective of available options.

Could tell us more about your Loan services and what to expect?

There’s hundreds of lenders in each market – and the pricing and interest varies greatly. Our service is simply, but helpful. We show a list of lenders sorted on the lowest interest rates, making loans sometimes hundreds of percentage cheaper than if the user would have chosen a more expensive lender.

How does your Credit cards services work and what makes it special?

It’s similar to our loan services. We show a list of credit cards sorted by the lowest interest rate and featuring their individual perks, such as travel insurance, interest free days, etc. Visitors can also choose their card type, either Visa or Mastercard.

What are the benefits of your Saving accounts for account holders?

Our search engine helps visitors to find saving accounts at high interest rates in the market. Visitors can easily register online and get a saving account from our partners without having to go to the physical branch locations. For example, Revolut, a well known digital bank is one of the partners in our global markets offering full featured banking services remotely to its clients.

Tell us about your Insurance services and how it works?

Our visitors can choose varied selections of insurances, ranging from health insurance, loan insurance, car insurance, home insurance, traveler insurance, and many more. We even show a list of digital nomad insurances to help digital nomads find the best insurance tailored to their lifestyle and needs.

Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

The team behind consists of very passionate intrepreneurs, many of whom are country managers who have a strong interest and expertise in finance. They share their insights with our users through blogging and guides, and are in charge of making sure that we provide the most accurate financial data, so that our comparisons are always fresh, reliable and helpful.

Our team has been growing very fast and we’re now around 45 people in total. For instance, our Indonesian branch, received an award as the best newcomer in Indonesia on the finance sector held by the leading Japan-Southeast Asia marketing firm.

Considering our success in many markets across the globe, we intend to expand our operations to new markets beginning of 2020.

While we do offer customer support through email, even though our service is very easy to use without the need of detailed guidance. The visitor usually reaches out to the company directly if they have questions about their products or services”.

How Safe is Financer, would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

There are no risk associated with using our service. We have dedicated people making sure our site is safe to visit and always being completely free from any virus or similar. Moreover, does not collect any data from our users. We simply just provide them options, without anything in return.

Do you have more information for our readers?

Yes, always compare first. Before signing up for a new financial service, may it be mortgages, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, saving accounts or personal loans, make sure you use, or a similar service of your choice.

There’s a great difference in quality and pricing, and it’s almost guaranteed that you will be able to find a better option by getting a complete picture of all the available options.

If you are interested in learning more about our platform, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Please visit to find the best deal of loans, credit cards, insurances, saving accounts, cryptocurrencies, and other financial products.

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