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Finally. Order books on Ethereum.

The Gridex Protocol is a permissionless and non-custodial trading protocol consisting of a set of persistent, non-upgradable smart contracts on Ethereum (deployed on mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon). Unlike the current mainstream decentralized exchanges based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, Gridex is based on order books. 

With the novel Grid Maker Order Book (GMOB) model, Gridex has materially minimized the resource consumption of running an order book-based system. The model allows Gridex to deploy and run it on-chain while making the gas cost comparable to that of AMMs. 

Gridex is the first ever, fully on-chain, fully functional order book DEX built on Ethereum. 

This makes them have some key differences from all other DEXs on Ethereum: 

Key Features 

1) Fully decentralized: Allows the entire transaction process to be executed on-chain, with no deposit or withdrawal process needed. Additionally, anyone can create any trading pair freely without any permission.

2) “Maker Orders” in the protocol have introduced a new infrastructure to the Ethereum ecosystem, allowing users to place orders of any size and price while having a zero-slippage, low-cost (even negative-cost) trading experience.

3) Sufficient liquidity Gridex will have sufficient liquidity from the outset. Gridex users can utilize the liquidity provided by other Gridex users and are also able to use the liquidity aggregated from other DEXs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

4) Mainstream deployment – The protocol will be deployed on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Ethereum mainnet. 

5) Most of the native tokens (GDX) will be rewarded to the community of users in a short period before and after the launch. 100% of the protocol fees will be used to buy back and burn GDX.

Next Steps

1) The Gridex Protocol will be open-sourced by the end of December. Our core smart contracts are now being audited:
– CertiK will finish the audit by the end of December.
– ABDK will finish the audit by the end of January. 

2) Distribution of the Airdrop tokens: Eligible users will be able to claim their tokens shortly before the official launch.

3) The official launch of Gridex & The Trading Rewards program at the end of January. 

Testnet Launch 

The testnet is now live, follow the link to have a look. 

Gridex Airdrop 

15% of the total GDX supply is now being airdropped! Check Eligibility here.

GDX is the native token of the Gridex Protocol. It has a maximum supply of 300 million, which will be fully minted before the official launch of Gridex. 100% of the protocol fees will be used to buy back and burn GDX.

The Gridex airdrop is live now. 15% of the total GDX supply will be airdropped before the official launch.

Another 50% or 150 million tokens will be rewarded to trading users shortly after the official launch. Gridex will begin the buyback and burn of GDX tokens after the trading rewards program has ended. 

Please follow our official Twitter for the latest updates.

Airdrop Eligibility

165,739 addresses are eligible. Check your airdrop eligibility now and claim your GDX.

Airdrop 1

For historical DEX trading users and historical liquidity providers (LPs):

  1. At least one transaction on a DEX* per month in the past two months.
  2. Acted as an LP (for Uniswap V3) for a certain time duration in the past two months.

Airdrop 2

Any influencers are eligible and can apply for an invite code on the official website.

Rewards depend on the successful invitation of Airdrop 1 (through the invite code).


The Gridex Protocol is owned by GDX token holders, and they have voting rights to decide: 

  • The usage of the community treasury 
  • The deployment of new smart contracts 
  • The addition of new resolutions 
  • The adjustment of the fee rates of a resolution 
  • The adjustment of governance parameters 

Initial primary governance parameters are as follows:

  • 0.5% of GDX total supply to submit a governance proposal 
  • 5% of GDX’s total supply to vote ‘yes’ to reach quorum.

Get to know us better on Discord and Reddit, or contact us for more information. 

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