Finally, A Proper Finance Solution for Crypto Investors: IXFI’s Exchange Platform Offers All

IXFI is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to empower people looking into investing in digital assets, but find the environment too confusing. The innovative platform solves this issue by offering services that traditional investors are familiar with, but are offered cryptos instead of fiat.

A Complete Alternative to Banking

IXFI has specifically developed its platform from scratch, custom building its services to make sure that they are aligned with what traditional investors and bank users require, but matching it with cryptocurrencies. IXFI can be used worldwide in the web version and soon they’ll be launching the iOS and Android apps. With a very complex and dynamic roadmap, the team has lots of features that users have been longing for under development, available at the next releases.

Future Features of IXFI

One of its best features is the removal of complex and long wallet addresses. Instead of an extremely long string of alphanumeric characters that can be a nightmare to remember or enter, IXFI wallet users can simply use their registered email address or mobile number to instantly transfer between two IXFI wallet accounts.

Users looking to delve into crypto trading but lacking experience can always check out IXFI’s Playground Environment. A sandboxed simulated trading system, they can practice trading against real-time data, allowing them to fine-tune their skills before venturing into the real trading world.

A Crypto Loan is one of the cornerstones of the IXFI bank, where users can borrow any of the supported 500 cryptocurrencies against their digital assets. At the same time, the Earn Program allows people to stake their assets and earn high APY.

A crypto experience is not complete without NFTs. IXFI’s NFT Barter Exchange is one of a kind service where people will be able to directly trade their NFTs with other unique tokens, without the need of cashing out first and then buying.

A banking service is of no consequence if account holders cannot spend their deposits with ease and that is why IXFI is also introducing a debit card that will be supported by all major points of sales. Cardholders will be able to spend their cryptocurrencies and partner merchants will be able to receive payments, all from the swipe or tap of the card.


IXFi was developed after the team behind it witnessed an acute shortage of platforms that ordinary people found easy to use. Exchanges and other platforms have complex interfaces and DeFi itself is difficult to understand with concepts like yield farming, liquidity provider etc.

IXFI comes as a sigh of relief as it introduces the complex crypto services packaged in a way people are used to. CEO and Founder of IXFI, Cristian Andrei explained the logic behind it,

“IXFI is about giving people a greater choice, independence and opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency and investment movement. Our aim is to encourage people to think big and open their minds regarding exchanges, by creating features that all of us have been longing for.”

Built by a multinational team of experts that come from different corners of the world (Romania, India and Switzerland), IXFI offers fast transactions, low fees and a secure environment with no hidden charges. The platform is already available to the public with its web version. To facilitate users on the go, a mobile version is in development and will be released in the coming months.

IXFI currently supports 500 different crypto assets in 1,000 different pairs to trade in. Crypto purchases with credit cards give an excellent onramp facility, while the spot trading and swap functions enable an instant exchange of assets. There is also an automated trading function for users who would prefer to gain from crypto trading, but lack the time due to other commitments. The auto trading creates a passive income source that enhances their earnings automatically.

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