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FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefits Program Preview

The 2022 Club Benefits Payments Programme gives an opportunity for affiliated clubs to share the rewards of hosting a FIFA World Cup. The distribution is made via Member Associations to the clubs that have players participating in the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefits Payments Breakdown

The FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Programme was created as part of the 2008 agreement between FIFA and ECA. It was created to recognize the contributions of football clubs to the success and organization of the FIFA World Cup.

What’s the FIFA World Cup Club Benefit Program

  • This fund was created to recognize the contributions of football clubs. It is a fund that recognizes the contribution of football clubs to the success of the FIFA World Cup.
  • Hosting the tournament is an opportunity to share in the benefits.
  • The FIFA World Cup Player Release List is distributed by the Member Associations.

When was the program created?

  • The FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Programme was created before the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. After an agreement between FIFA and European Club Association (“ECA”), it was created.

What amount of money has been set aside for the FIFA World Cup 2018 Club Benefit program

Based on Worldcup’s profit, the amount of CBP money that is set aside is CBP. The 2014 FIFA World Cup brought in $70 million. The World Cup was allocated a share of US $40 million in 2010.

FIFA signed a new agreement in 2015. The FIFA World Cup club benefits were increased three times according to this agreement. Every club will be entitled to a share of $310 million for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

However, the distribution system will be the same as in 2014. FIFA Professional Football Department will manage the distribution mechanism.

Who pays the club?

The Member Association will distribute any payments to a club entitled. After the World Cup’s success, clubs will receive it.

Distribution Mechanism For FIFA World Cup 2022

Only clubs that release players to the FIFA World Cup distribution mechanism are eligible. Divide the Distribution Amount by the number of days (around 24,500). This gives you an average daily amount of $8,530 per player (subject to taxes and deductions).

  • The total number of participants at the World Cup is 736 (32 teams x 23 people on each team).
  • Participation total: 24,500
  • The total days are divided by $310 million. These are around 24,500. The daily amount for each player is therefore $8,530
  • The number of days each player has been at the World Cup multiplies the $8,530. From the opening match two weeks prior to the final match, the total per player is $8,530
  • The total for each player is then divided among the clubs where the player was registered in the two previous years.

How does each club calculate their share for World Cup 2022 Club Benefit program

A FIFA model is used to calculate the FIFA World Cup Club benefit Programme. This model is based on:

  • The model considers the number of club players. The World Cup representative squad is made up of players who have been selected. How many days each player will be at the final tournament? From the two weeks prior to the Opening Match, through the day that the player’s team has been eliminated
  • The player receives a share of the proceeds from the clubs where he was registered in the two-year period preceding the elimination of his national team.
  • It doesn’t matter if the player played in any match.

Clubs receive amounts

FIFA has a system that doesn’t favor any particular continent transfer period. The following table was created by FIFA to identify the clubs where the players of representative teams were registered over the two-year period.

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