Field Service Consultant Certification

The Salesforce certified field service consultant exam certification is one of the best certificates to proceed successfully in the professional career. It will increase your knowledge and polish skills. It will verify the capabilities of candidates so they can get better job opportunities. If you want to get a job in the field of enterprise then it is necessary to achieve a Field service consultant exam certificate. 

Subject Matter

To ensure the success of candidates there are following important outlines listed below:

  • Verify work order procedure and get acquainted with FSL administrators. 
  • Compare and contrast aerial and street level routing to illustrate different types of FSL licence.
  •  There  are different types of filtering methods available in the Dispatcher console.
  • You can also learn how to use field service lightning tracking files.  .
  • Compare the features of the field service mobile app.  
  • It will help you to find out the best methods for completing complex work in FSL. 

Information About Field Service Consultant Exams

Salesforce certifications provides one of the best authentic and reliable exam procedures to increase the chances of success for candidates. It consists of multiple choice questions with a time limit of three hours and 15 minutes. To pass exams a person has to get 63% marks. Registration fee is USD 200 and if you fail to pass exams then extra fee will be USD 100.  

Advantages of Field Service Consultant Exam Certificate

Field service consultant exam dumps will increase the worth of your resume and it will open doors of new job opportunities. You will be an expert in customer field service and management organisations. It will polish your skills to become the leading member to handle any type of project.  


By learning new techniques and skills you will be able to introduce new terms in the projects to increase its scope. It will excel your skills in project management. 

As a field consultant you will be able to handle franchise and handle its customer service aspects. You will be able recruiters to hire new employees and improve the proficiency of the old ones to boost up the working capability of the organization.

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant exam is intended for consultants with the required experience implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and Lightning Service. Additionally, as a consultant, you will design and deliver solutions that support business processes and customer requirements using Lightning Field products. In addition, you will be responsible for managing packages and Mobile Service Lightning Mobile applications. In addition, as a Field Service Lightning Consultant, you should have experience in the field service industry, expertise in mobile solutions, and a strong understanding of Salesforce core features.

The Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant credential is designed for people with experience implementing Service Cloud solutions in customer-facing roles. Candidates will be able to design and implement Cloud Service solutions that meet customer business needs, are scalable and flexible, and contribute to the long-term success of customers.

The Salesforce Administration Certification is designed for people who have experience with Salesforce and are always looking for ways to help their business get the most out of other features and capabilities.

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