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Fiber Fortified Beverages Market Witnessing Impressive Growth Due To Increasing Application and Usage in Industry

Fiber-Fortified Beverages: A Market Forecast

Maintaining digestive health is a very important factor in optimizing nutrient intake and preventing deficiency-related bodily conditions because the digestive system is responsible for catalyzing the food products consumed and absorption of vitamins and minerals from food and nutritional supplements. As a result, there is a growing demand for fiber-fortified beverages on the global market. Fiber-fortified beverages are one of the newest products in the fiber-based product category.

Fiber-fortified beverages are currently being offered by beverage manufacturers as one of the newest drinks to increase fiber intake. Fiber-fortified beverages, for example, provide additional value to consumers by adding functionality to the drink. Although functional beverages have become an integral part of today’s healthy lifestyle, consumers are increasingly looking for products that provide additional health benefits, such as fiber-fortified beverages. Due to an increase in digestive issues, consumers are looking for products that are high in fiber.

The Benefits of Fiber-Fortified Beverages as a Title

Increased fiber consumption in daily life may reduce the risk of digestive problems and other chronic diseases. For example, when it comes to consuming high-fiber foods, consumers prefer products that are simple to consume. Fiber-fortified beverages are one of the solutions for consumer needs to meet the rising demand for high fiber content foods and beverages.

The adequate fiber intake for men is 38 grams per day and for women is 25 grams per day, according to the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” but the average intake is only 15 grams per day. Furthermore, as consumers become more aware of better ways to deal with problems relating to the digestive system and other health-related issues, they are seeking out foods and beverages that are high in fiber. As a result of this factor, beverage manufacturers are now offering fiber-fortified beverages with health benefits.

The market for Fiber-Fortified Beverages: Key Players

The Coca-Cola Company, Sanitarium, Karma Wellness Water, Califia Farms, hello water, Abbott Laboratories, and others are some of the major players in the fiber-fortified beverage market.

Market Participants’ Opportunities in Fiber-Fortified Beverages

Players in the global functional beverage market are expected to benefit from the rising demand for healthy beverages around the world. Fiber-fortified beverages are expected to sell well due to the growing demand for functional beverages made with natural ingredients.

Shortly, players in the functional beverages market are expected to capitalize on this opportunity. Beverage manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into research and development to improve the nutritional and multifunctional profile of drinks that provide additional health benefits. Following the functional or health trend in the beverage industry, manufacturers are attempting to make products that are more nutritious and healthy, or that provide additional health benefits.

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