Few hours from Meta Legends NFT Drop

Meta Legends founders Robin  Janssens, Salim Elhila, and  Maxime Hacquard are a stellar team of experts with in-depth crypto knowledge; they have over time generated millions of dollars in revenue and hired hundreds of employees. 

Every one of this trio is a cryptocurrency veteran and a social media influencer with unique skill sets that have all been poured into the development of Meta Legends; one of the fastest growing NFT community ever. But why does Meta Legends stand out from the crowd, when some other NFT projects are starting to fall apart?

The underlying idea of the metal legends NFTs collection is to save humanity by releasing a team of 12,345 unique Meta Legends. This legend will be generating hundreds of elements categorized into different levels of rarity. This meta legend can be broken into 7 key levels namely: cybers, Roboters, Goldbois, Celestials, Burners, matrix Angels & Roughs. 

The celestials are the most powerful and will be the greatest guardians of the metaverse. They are only 17 celestials out of the 12,345 Meta Legends which makes celestials a very rare breed. However, the rarity factor diminishes as you move from celestials to Roughs, where in comparison over 5,298 units exist. 

One of the endearing points of the Meta Legends is its incredible artwork and very detailed make-up. They genuinely look like a true science-fiction character in movies and if you are a fan of fantasy or fun fare then Meta Legends will give you the best of experience because Meta Legends is a product variety of movies, games, and dystopian worlds. 

Like the celestials for instance took their inspiration from avatar and Dr. Manhattan. Burners took his from star wars and Killzone.

Meta Legends discord community clinched a 120 000  membership, Meta Legends assembled a team of over 40 dedicated staff and they recently released the Meta Olympic games that include hints and Easter eggs placed in different locations of the world, this innovations are fun-filled and has a global appeal. 

Meta-connect a complete ecosystem. 

Connectivity is key and most blockchain projects are driven by the community because it affords them the leisure of exchanging ideas. On the meta connect application members can seamlessly locate & connect each other using the map, they can store choice NFTs and get maximum value for their efforts. The Meta-connect app is currently available for download on iOS and Google app marketplaces.

Metaverse:an immersive cinematic real-world  experience.  

There is a possibility that you may have come across the word Metaverse recently, it’s an ideal platform for the explorer, player, owner, creator, and decider. The meta-life is also a metaverse i.e it’s a play to earn an open world-based blockchain platform built around the NFT, farming, and stacking. 

Within the meta life players have the liberty of creating, owning, and monetizing their overall gaming experience, 

Metaverse aims to give players a deeply immersive personalized world of virtually decentralized games. Several arcade games will be accessible for users’ best experience. 

The goal is to make your character evolve and with the legendary stones, it’s possible to farm these stones in the open world, and also in arcade games, meta life offers an unparalleled cinematic experience.


A debut is set for today (November 24th) and it’s not too late to join the winning team on any of Meta Legends social media handles Twitter Discord or Instagram. Ensure you participate in the Easter egg hunts, giveaways, and whitelist competitions, go forth and enhance your digital portfolio, it’s probably worth it. 

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