Fetch-ai Network and SubQuery to Provide On-Chain Indexing Solution for dApp Developers

SubQuery, an interoperable and open indexing solution for on-chain data, is now supported by Fetch-ai Network, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platform based on decentralized ledger technology, as per a recent press release.

Following this announcement, projects launching on the Fetch-ai Network blockchain will now benefit from the full SubQuery experience, accessing open source SDK, tools, necessary documentation, and technical support. Eligible projects can also apply and qualify for funding and general support under the SubQuery’s Grant Program. 

While the indexing solution is also available in other blockchains under the broader Cosmos umbrella, projects launching on Fetch-ai Network will access enterprise-grade infrastructure hosting and up to 400 million daily requests because the blockchain is hosted under SubQuery’s hosted services.

According to Kamal Ved, the Chief Product Officer of Fetch-ai Network Network, access to faster and reliable on-chain data is an advantage that gives developers the much-needed edge over competitors. Because of SubQuery and their special support for Fetch-ai Network, projects launching on the AI-driven network would have the upper hand. 

By availing an open source and decentralized indexing solution that’s already abstracted at the backend, providing developers with customized APIs, projects can focus on building, enhancing user experience, and achieving their milestones faster because they won’t have to build indexing solutions from scratch. Consequentially, this will help make the network a preferred choice for developers across the board.

“Fast access to blockchain data is paramount for Fetch’s compute-intensive AI and agent-based automation products. Our integration with SubQuery’s indexing solution nicely supplements the rest of our toolchain to support our aspirations to solve complex coordination challenges with AI and automation and make Fetch-ai Network Network a great choice for dApp builders to develop and launch their applications.”

The announcement follows the release of the Juno integration, a solution geared specifically by SubQuery to provide an indexing solution to blockchains built using the Cosmos Standard Development Kit (SDK). Juno is an open, accessible, and secure layer-1 blockchain designed to deploy cross-chain smart contracts. The Juno beta version was implemented on the high throughput and low finality network, Avalanche, before being tailored for blockchains that are part of the expansive Cosmos network. 

The SubQuery Juno integration precedes plans by the indexing provider to eventually launch the SubQuery Network as they embark on aggressive protocol decentralization. The SubQuery Network will adhere to binding blockchain principles. It will therefore be accessible to all users while aiming to innovate in payments. Most importantly, SubQuery has revealed that Fetch-ai Network-based projects will be immediately indexed once the platform is live.

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