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Festivals to Experience in India – A guide to major festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Durga Puja.

India is a mixture of cultures and traditions. In every corner of India, you will find different festivals from every single community. People visit India from all around the world to see lots of beautiful attractions. But apart from major attractions, it is advised to see and experience a wide variety of Indian Festivals. So if you are an Outlander and want to explore the traditional festivals of India then you need to apply Indian e visa online.

There are festivals celebrated in the country according to the state. So let’s explore some of the Major festivals that you can also enjoy with the Indians in this beautiful Country.

Main Indian Festivals and Where to Celebrate Them:

  • Diwali: Diwali is the most important festival of India. This is a festival of lights. This festival is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram with their wife sita in Ayodhya Nagri. On this day people decorate their houses with diyas and lights, burst crackers, eat sweets, etc..  

Best Places to Experience Diwali: Varanasi Ghat, Jaipur & Amritsar. These are some cities where you can enjoy this beautiful festival. 

  • Holi: Holi is a festival of colors. Like Diwali, this festival is also celebrated in some major cities of the country. This festival is celebrated on the arrival of spring season. On the eve of the Holi, people make huge bonfires and worship that. At this festival, people throw colors at each other. Normally people love to play Holi with water. 

So if you are a nonresident of India and want to enjoy and experience the Holi festival then first you need to apply for an Indian e visa online. After which you can visit the best places in India to celebrate Holi. 

Best Places to Experience Holi: Mathura, Vrindavan & Pushkar. 

  • Durga Puja: Durga Puja is also the most famous festival in India. This festival is mostly celebrated by Bengalis. And normally this festival is famous in Bengal and Kolkatta. This festival is celebrated because on this day Goddess Durga won over the Demon. You will find Big and Massive Durga pandals in every corner of the Kolkatta. 

Best Places to Experience Durga Puja: Kolkatta is the only city where you see the beautiful Durga Pandals. Rest there are some metro cities as well where you can Enjoy. 

  •  Dussehra:  Dussehra is also referred to by the name of Vijaydashmi. In the Hindu religion, this festival is very much famous. Now this festival is celebrated worldwide. But In India, the celebration of this festival is quite different.

For foreigners, it is advised to apply for a travel visa if you want to enjoy these amazing festivals rather than an Emergency visa India

Best Places to Experience Dussehra: Dussehra is celebrated in the whole of India. But the most famous Dussehra is celebrated in Kullu. This is a main attraction for people who want to enjoy the Kullu Dusshera. 

  • Ganesh Chaturthi: This is a 10-day long festival which is celebrated in the significance of the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Huge idols of Ganesh ji are installed in the big pandals in every corner of the city. Pujas are performed in the pandals in the morning and the night for 10 days. 

Best Places to Experience Ganesh Chaturthi: This festival is celebrated in the state of Maharashtra. 

There are lots of other festivals as well. The main thing is every festival holds the religious sentiments of every religion. So India is a very vibrant and colorful country. Anyone can visit India without any issue. There are lots of options for foreigners to travel to India such as travel visa, Emergency visa online etc.. so apply according to the need

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