Female-founded Travel Tech StartUp “Let’s Jetty” Soars High on Kickstarter

From Friends to Founders

In the first 72 hours since the launch of their Kickstarter campaign, Let’s Jetty, an up-and-coming travel tech startup, managed to raise over $15K. An innovation in travel planning, the startup aims to revolutionize the way group travel is organized in today’s digitally advanced world. It’s an audacious step in a world ready to rebound from the pandemic and itching to explore and reconnect.

The travel planning app, named Jetty, aims to simplify the process of planning group trips, enhancing collaboration and saving time. Born out of the frustrations experienced by its co-founders while planning trips, Jetty bids adieu to unanswered group chats and incessant confusion over details. It aspires to be the attentive planner in the group, ensuring every detail is kept in check and the trip remains memorable for the right reasons.

Kickstarter Campaign’s Key Goals

The Kickstarter campaign aims to speed up Let’s Jetty’s current product development and integrate additional features that have been requested by travelers. Every penny of the funds raised, after deducting Kickstarter’s 5% fee, will be directed towards product development and the overall advancement of the startup. The founders, dedicated to the cause, have decided against personal gains from these funds.

Founders With A Vision

Wendy Diep (CEO), Suzie Palma (Chief Growth Officer), and Nicole Martinez (Chief Design Officer) helm the startup. With their collective experience in tech from prestigious firms like Amazon, Overstock, and Zulily, they are keenly aware of the existing gaps in the group travel planning sphere. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, they resolved to transform the space through Jetty.

In addition to being tech trailblazers, the founders have a noteworthy backstory. All three are first-generation Americans, born to immigrant parents. Palma and Diep are also the first in their families to have attended college, making their accomplishments in tech all the more impressive.

Challenges & Opportunities in Travel Tech

While travel planning apps are not novel, no solution has yet been adopted widely enough to revolutionize the consumer travel space. This presents a significant challenge but also a golden opportunity. With an increased demand for travel post-pandemic and millennials and Gen Z ready for a new solution, the timing couldn’t be better.

Despite a plethora of tools available in the travel tech space, most merely simplify travel logistics. Jetty aims to be more than a tool; it aspires to provide an ideal trip experience rather than just a generic one. The post-pandemic world has seen a surge in the demand for travel and real-world experiences, and Jetty aims to tap into that demand effectively.

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Overcoming Barriers

The co-founders acknowledge that their non-engineering backgrounds and non-affluent origins may pose difficulties in raising early venture money. However, they believe that their strengths in product development, marketing, and design provide them with a unique edge. Their expertise in user acquisition, customer retention, and app engagement, often a struggle for travel startups, serves as a considerable advantage. They are familiar with revenue optimization and monetization practices, making them well-prepared for the path that lies ahead.

The development of the app is in the capable hands of full-stack developer, Tyler Palma, who acts as their technical advisor. While they are in search of a suitable CTO candidate, their progress has not been hindered.

The Jetty Advantage

Jetty’s unique proposition lies in its emphasis on group travel. It aims to empower “natural trip planners” by providing efficient tools to make group trips happen with less stress and frustration. The app brings the founders’ firsthand knowledge and experiences of group travel to bear, providing a solution crafted by group travelers, for group travelers.

The team is more than a group of tech enthusiasts solving a problem; they are passionate travelers themselves. Wendy Diep, in particular, is an ardent group traveler who has successfully organized various trips, reflecting her deep understanding of people and their planning habits. This personal touch is at the heart of Let’s Jetty’s design, making it a solution tailored to travelers’ real needs and desires.

Let’s Jetty is inviting their backers to participate in the developmental process, encouraging feedback and suggestions for new features. This way, they can ensure that the app continues to evolve to fit the needs of its user base. Backers will also have the opportunity to test the app before its public release, thereby allowing them to start planning their group trips ahead of time.

In an exciting twist,Let’s Jetty is introducing an exclusive membership for their Kickstarter supporters. This membership, available at no additional cost for the first year, will provide premium services such as discounts on partnered accommodations, priority access to Let’s Jetty’s concierge service, and the potential for added features based on user feedback.

With the advent of Jetty, group travels are set to become a smoother, less stressful experience, enabling travelers to create more shared memories with their loved ones. This promising start-up aims to make trip planning an easy, enjoyable, and memorable experience for everyone involved. As the Jetty journey unfolds, early supporters can take pride in knowing they played a significant role in its development.


In the face of an industry brimming with potential, these three trailblazing women are poised to disrupt the travel tech space with their innovative solution, Jetty. As it stands, their Kickstarter success is a promising start. With the ethos of enhancing real-life experiences and fostering human connection, they hope Jetty will contribute significantly to the future of tech, fulfilling the dream of making group travel planning a breeze.

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