Feisty Pets – The Latest Addition To Chronicle

As we come to the end of 2021 the NFT market continues to boom. What was once considered a piece of digital art is now being used for gaming, communities and even exclusive TV shows. Every day we see more applications for NFTs and as a result a wider adoption. They’ve been purchased by the likes of Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon and several other celebrities. They’ve even been adopted in the business world. Earlier this year Visa paid $150,000 for a “CryptoPunk” NFT, and NFTs have since been adopted by Coca-Cola and Team GB as part of their product portfolio.

Now they’re impacting the world of toys with Feisty Pets. Feisty Pets are plushies that start with a cute expression that turns feisty once their head is squeezed. The company has signed a deal with Chronicle to be the exclusive distributor for their upcoming NFT drops. This deal will help take Feisty Pet characters into the NFT metaverse providing owners with digital as well as physical ownership.

What Are Feisty Pets?

Feisty pets are an innovative, popular plushy toy created by the team at William Mark corporation. They’re available in nine unique styles: teddy bear, cat, calico cat, dog, polar bear, bunny, monkey, goldendoodle, and panda bear and can change expression when played with. Each plushy starts with a friendly, comforting smile but don’t be fooled. If you give their head a squeeze, they’ll quickly go from smiley to feisty, displaying a ferociously aggressive facial expression to give everyone a shock! Feisty pets have already won Toy of the Year by BuzzFeed in their first year on the market and were the top selling toy on Amazon on Cyber Monday. 

As well as being a popular toy for children, Feisty Pets are also a big hit on social media. They’re best known for their mischievous adventures that can be found on TikTok and YouTube. Their Tik Tok channel has reached over 1.3 million followers and over 268 million views of the #FeistyPets hashtag. On YouTube, their channel has over 500,000 subscribers and over 35 million views, making them one of the most popular toys in the world. 

Who Are Chronicle?

Chronicle is a next-generation digital collectables marketplace, showcasing a range of officially licensed digital collectables in the form of NFTs. The aim of the business is to make it as easy as possible for users to buy, sell, trade and even gift NFTs from the world’s most popular brands. The site uses XNL as a utility token, which is used as an incentive for users on the platform. 

Chronicle is blockchain agnostic, meaning its technology can be used across blockchains regardless of the technology used. However, to ensure their carbon footprint is as low as possible, Chronicle uses Aurora’s EVM built by NEAR protocol. Unlike traditional high-energy Proof of Work systems, Aurora is based on NEAR Protocol’s Proof of Stake driven technology which reduces energy usage with a tree-planting system. 

How Will NFTs Impact Feisty Pets?

NFTs will add a new level of ownership to Feisty Pet owners. Owners will now become authenticated with exclusive access to their NFTs which will help to connect not just the business with customers, but also customers within the community. Over the next year, the Feisty Pets NFT program will continue to expand, with holders having access to exclusive content and toys not available anywhere else. 

For Chronicle this is a big step into making NFTs a big part of the toy community. Owners would not only have a physical toy, but also digital ownership of their favorites. These could eventually be used as a key to communities, online games and many other benefits for holders. Children could also trade their favorite NFTs with friends to build up their own digital collection. 

The Future of NFTs and Toys 

The deal between Feisty Pets and Chronicle further signifies a monumental change in how we interact with toys. What was once a simple toy to play with could soon become much more, with endless opportunities for the industry to grow and expand within the world of blockchain technology. This change would also create a new appeal to collectors, who may eventually collect NFTs as well as the toys they love.

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