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Features to Pay Attention to When Buying an Air Compressor

Features to Pay Attention to When Buying an Air Compressor

Air compressors function to increase the pressure while decreasing the volume of gases. Purchasing an air compressor requires careful research about what features to watch out for in it, together with their prices.

This article highlights several vital factors to consider when selecting the appropriate air compressor to buy.

  • Flow rate

It is measured in cubic feet per minute. It aids one in determining the size of the compressor to purchase, as different applications require different flow rates. Using multiple air tools simultaneously will also alter the air flow rate from the compressor.

Therefore, one should evaluate the flow rates across them and select one sufficient for supplying air to an individual appliance or multiple appliances.

  • Duty cycle

This is an indicator of how often the air compressor machine is going to run. Smaller-budget machines typically run for about 20 minutes and are mostly suitable for extremely light industrial applications. On the other hand, higher-budget machines can run for several hours and are, therefore, suitable for use in complex industrial applications.

  • Available space

Floor space may be limited in work applications, including garages or small-scale workshops. Fortunately enough, current air compressors are designed in a compact manner that occupies less space.

  • Air quality

Depending on the amount of contamination one needs to get rid of, one must choose a compressor with the appropriate filter. A user may prefer to acquire either completely oil-free or totally dry air. Types of air compressors include those that release water condensate or oil-free air to achieve a desired air standard. This factor has a significant impact on the air compressor price in Kenya.

  • Amount of electrical power consumed

Air compressors depend on a constant supply of electricity. One should therefore assess the amount of electricity available in their premises and match it against that consumed by the air compressor. It is crucial to determine beforehand how much current the machine has to draw per hour. To further regulate the electrical power being consumed, it is advised that users install air compressors possessing D-rated fuses.

  • Type of compressor

Several types of air compressors are available in the market currently. The most commonly purchased ones are pistons and portable air compressors. Piston compressors utilize a motor that induces air pressure once the air is depleted. Air pressure in it increases proportionally to the frequency of its usage. These compressors require high maintenance and some extra space to place the tank.

Conversely, portable air compressors lack tanks, need less space and are more portable. Due to this compactness, they are applicable in construction sites, road works, and household applications.

  • Maintenance

In addition to the initial costs, air compressors have various maintenance requirements. Manufacturers and service engineers nowadays have designed them to be much more effective in their operations so that clients do not have to spend chunks of money on general maintenance.

  • Support

Selecting reputable distributors earns one a satisfactory upper hand in accessing qualified services regarding advice and support to reap maximum benefits.


Purchasing air compressors to suit one needs is a daunting task. However, bearing these factors in mind, one can make a worthwhile decision in choosing the right air compressor.

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