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Features that you need to pay attention to when renting a hosting

It is important to look at the reviews about the provider before buying a hosting. Not all ordinary people believe that they are truthful, believing that many companies pay for reviews, generate them themselves, or delete objectionable ones.

If the hosting company is quite large and has been on the market for a long time, then there is simply no need to deal with such nonsense. 

However, if you want to rent a dedicated server, then you should take the time to study the history

They have a huge flow of customers, it is impossible to keep track of all the reviews.

Much more strange must seem the absence of negative reviews. Malfunctions and overlays are inevitable in the work of any, even the most advanced provider – technology is technology.

It is more important to evaluate how quickly and efficiently he copes with problems.

Real reviews on large sites are much more useful than review articles, because here is real life with its undisguised truth.

Read, evaluate and ask questions to the representatives of the provider before making a decision, the stability and security of your business depends on it.

Secrets of free hosting

The tempting prospect of getting free hosting can seriously ruin your life.

If the business is just starting out, instead of attracting new customers, it is realistic to get them to flee.

Imagine going to the page of an online store in the hope of pleasing yourself to your loved one, but in reality you get constant loading of data and freezing of images. Will the buyer stay with you? Doubtful.

It’s all about the pitfalls of free hosting:

  • connection speed limits
  • a small number of concurrent visitors.

Low security is also expected. After all, data centers with modern equipment, the availability of the necessary certificates and licenses are very expensive to maintain.

Free services can easily turn out to be just a marketing ploy, which will eventually lead to an increase in investments, new costs for additional services.

Surely, the work of technical support when working with such hosting will not be so prompt.

In these cases, the proverb “Free cheese is only in mousetraps” works 100%

You can argue about whether the provider needs its own data centers or you can safely do without them. But their presence removes unnecessary links in the chain “seller – buyer of services”, which means that not only will there be fewer technical overlays, but the cost of the service will also be cheaper.

In addition, our own data center is a big plus for the image of the provider company. Reliable developed infrastructure ensures high quality of services.

There are no trifles when choosing a hosting provider. The service can become either a big problem or a reliable assistant. This is one of the key points in the conduct and development of business. Landlords and letting agents will want to confirm your identity, immigration status, credit history and employment status, so have your passport and all this information readily available.

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