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Feasibility of interoperability to drive the Molecular Transport Medium Market

Molecular Transport

With Uncertainty looming along the lines of Covid-19, the Molecular Transport Medium Market to take the Pie

With the key market participants looking out for various modes of research for developing Covid-19 vaccines, the molecular transport medium market is there to witness new streak. For example – Innovative Research does develop viral transport medium for supporting research pertaining to Covid-19.

Amongst the other ongoing developments is the one on the part of EKF Diagnostics. In July 2020, it did announce tabling novel product named “PrimeStore MTM (Molecular Transport Medium) It facilitates safer sample handling as well as testing of numerous infectious diseases from just one swab to the product portfolio. This product claims to deactivate viruses that involve TB, HIV, flu B, flu A, and Covid-19. This CE- and FDA-approved product does ascertain workplace and transportation safety for the disease testing program. Thus, lab technicians and health workers won’t be at the risk of infections.

Another development to be noted is that of Integra Biosenses AG launching DOSE IT in June 2020. It has its specialization in precisely and efficiently dispensing defined, huge volume of VTM using the dispensing programs available. Sterilization of tubing is also possible. Persistence Market Research has seen through these details and suggested the future strategies in its market study entitled “Molecular Transport Medium Market”.

How is the Molecular Transport Medium Market contained?

The global molecular transport medium market, by type of product, spans virus swabs and viral transport medium. Indication-wise, it’s influenza, mumps virus, Rhinovirus, Adenovirus, Covid-19, and others. End-user-wise, it’s microbiology laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, clinics & hospitals, and others.

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What about Analysis Region-wise?

North America holds the largest market share with Canada and the US being subject to an extensive collection, transportation, and reservation of the molecules. Additionally, with Covid-19 not yet gone, the demand for molecular transport medium is bound to escalate in the forecast period. Coming to Europe, the situation isn’t much different. The Asia-Pacific is witnessing a topsy-turvy situation with Australia sealing the borders and countries like India expediting the testing procedure. The situation is such that the demand for molecular transport medium won’t cease in the next few years, till even discussing about Covid would be under control. Persistence Market Research has brought to the fore these facts with the probable courses of action in its market study entitled “Molecular Transport Medium Market”.

How about Analysis Competition-wise?

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key participants in molecular transport medium market as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Medical Wire & Equipment, COPAN Diagnostics Inc., Titan Biotech Ltd., EKF Diagnostics, Trinity Biotech, and Puritan Medical Products. It has further stated that Bartels FlexTrans Transport Medium stabilizes chlaymdiae and viruses, thereby subverting microbial contamination while transporting clinical specimen from point of collection to testing site.

Molecular transport medium market is all set to witness constructive disruption in the forecast period – Persistence Market Research

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