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FDM Group shines a light on leading women for International Women’s Day 

leading women for International Women’s Day 

For International Women’s Day, TechBullion sat down with leading women from FDM Group, Sheila Flavell, Jacqueline de Rojas, and Gangotri Bhatt, to discuss the benefits of the technology sector for women and why it’s such an interesting industry to be involved with. 

Gangotri Bhatt, Head of Training UK & EMEA for FDM Group, said: “Tech is a continually growing industry which means there are endless opportunities to learn, develop, and contribute. When you choose a career in technology, you get to be at the heart of innovation, solving problems creatively alongside brilliant minds. You can use your growing capability to help everyone in the company fulfil their dreams.”  

 “Progression is not about technical competence; it is about having the resourcefulness and imagination to work with people to solve problems and make things happen. Be confident, positive with your skills and knowledge.” 

 “We need more women in tech because they can provide a balanced view to female gender and technology sector issues. Organisations with greater diversity bring more imagination and creativity and therefore more revenue. We need more role models with different mentality and creative thinking” she continued. 

 Sheila Flavell CBE, Chief Operating Officer for FDM Group, commented: “The technology sector is a crucial driver of the UK businesses and requires everyone to contribute in order to be successful – that includes women, who need to be given the training and opportunities to play a significant part in business operations.” –  

 “Businesses must prioritise making opportunities available in the workplace and women need to grab these opportunities with both hands, developing their tech skills in order to plug the diversity and technical skills gaps. Inclusivity is vital for the tech sector to thrive“ she added. 

 Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, Non-Executive Board Member for FDM Group, said: “What I love about FDM is our commitment to offering opportunity to those who may not naturally have a pathway into tech. Witness the programmes we offer to women returners, non-grads and also ex-forces where we have supported people to successfully pivot into technology careers.” –  

 “There has never been a better time to be a woman and specifically never been a better time to be a woman in science, tech, engineering and maths. Not only because women are the change makers, the ones who are taking up their cause for themselves and future generations but also because this is our opportunity to build a technology future that cuts through bias and build a world that works for everyone.”    

“And if you are thinking that diversity is not your area of expertise or not your problem to solve, think about this: The greatest threat to diversity and inclusion is the belief that someone else will fix it…”  

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