FCMPAY Exchange: Bringing a New Way to Buy Cryptocurencies and Stocks

For years, one of the major objectives of the blockchain industry has been increasing decentralization. While this is a worthy, seemingly abstract goal, the word ‘decentralization’ seems more like a marketing word than it does a functioning principle.

This is more evident when exchanges are concerned. Recognizing the many shortcomings of exchanges such as security vulnerabilities, custodial reading etc. A lot of centralized exchanges have chosen to call themselves decentralized without any explanation of how they rise to meet the standards.

This and more is what FCMPAY was made to solve in order to create one of the most trusted exchanges in the space.

Introducing FCMPAY

FCMPAY is an innovative decentralized exchange based in the United States. A reputable platform licensed in the US to harness the untapped areas of cryptocurrency and digital securities.

FCMPAY operates on its own blockchain, the UTXO chain. The platform works by combining blockchain technology and AI to create a true decentralized and optimized experience for its users.

There are over 40 different high-function cryptocurrencies available to trade on the platform as well as stock options such as Netflix, Tesla, Uber, Amazon and more paired with USDT stable coins.

FCMPAY also has a high level of liquidity, with each trading pair having enough liquidity to carry out orders quickly and at the best price.

Outstanding Features

What is FCMPAY trying to achieve?

Beyond a place to buy crypto and stocks, FCMPAY is looking to set the stage for the future of DeFi and the next generation of cryptocureency exchanges. They offer a lot of benefits with the aim of providing a stress-free and optimized trading platform for users.

Provision of a bank-grade security infrastructure
One of the lowest transaction costs in the industry today at 0.04%
Asset security and protection
Support available 24/7
What makes FCMPAY different?
Best execution Order Routing

FCMPAY delivers on this promise by maximizing delivery on price, speed, and liquidity – very important pillars of trading. FCMPAY searches through exchanges and liquidity providers for the best price for a coin. Trades are also executed in milliseconds to maximize earning opportunities.

Powerful Charting, Research and Reporting Tools

With FCMPAY, users have access to an unrivaled charting experience even on their mobile platform. Users can conduct their researches, compare charting tools, and access reporting features such as profit/loss tracking seamlessly.

On-chain Scaling

FCMPAY set out to become a gamechanger for DeFi and crypto exchanges. As such, it is fully decentralized and powered by an immutable ledger, the UTXO blockchain. Therefore, every transaction will be visible and can be validated and confirmed on the blockchain.

Wrapping Up

With a very interesting promise to be one of the most trusted exchanges in the space, FCMPAY does not intend to stop here. The idea is to become a premium exchange for cryptocurrency and stocks trading while moving forward hand-in-hand with regulators.

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