Favorite Golf Courses for John Ma and Other Avid Golfers

Favorite Golf Courses

Dr. John Ma is well known for having a successful career as an emergency physician. As he is now retired today, Dr. Ma is able to spend more of his time enjoying his favorite activities, which includes golf. As an avid golfer, Dr. Ma will want to spend some of his time traveling the country and world playing some of the top courses. There are various golf courses in particular that Dr. Ma and other avid golfers should consider playing. 

TPC Sawgrass

Anyone that is a fan of professional golf will be familiar with TPC Sawgrass, which is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. John Ma and other golfers will find that the proximity to the ocean, challenging layout, and amazing scenery will continue to provide someone with a great overall experience. The amount of sand traps and water located around the course does create additional challenges, but it continues to be a course that all people should try. 

John Ma and Others Should Make a Trip to Augusta

The ultimate bucket list golf course for all golf enthusiasts is to go to Augusta, Georgia and play at August National. This is one of the most popular and famous golf courses in the world as it is the home of The Masters golf tournament, which is the most competitive event each year and takes place in April. Players that are able to get in will love the amazing course and will be challenged by the rolling hills and fast greens. While John Ma and others may not get their best score on this course, it will provide a truly memorable experience. 

Loch Lomond Golf Course

If you are going to take any type of ultimately golf trip, you need to head to Scotland, which is where the sport began. This is an amazing destination course for any golfer as it has a truly spectacular course for anyone to enjoy. The course is located along the water, which offers some great scenery. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy a variety of unique holes that come with various challenges. 

Torrey Pines

One of the most beautiful courses in the world is Torrey Pines, which is located in southern California. Compared to other notable courses, Torrey Pines tends to be more accommodating to visitors, which can make it easier to get in for a tee time. John Ma and other players will love the ocean views and playing on a course that they would have seen during many PGA Tour events. 

Anyone that is an avid golfer will have a bucket list of courses that they will want to play across the world. For Dr. John Ma and other golfers, these are some of the top courses to consider. Not only are they historic and beautiful, but they will also provide a fun challenge that can help anyone expand their game. 

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