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FatLand Offers Relatable NFTs Infused in an Adventurous Lore

The NFT industry has recently exploded with different sports brands, artists, game companies, and even musicians joining the party. Due to this, the market cap of NFTs is now more than $16 billion. However, there is still a lot to improve as many projects are too simplistic or offer a rather shallow experience in hopes of ‘utility’. FatlandClub launches with amazing graphics, exclusive rewards, and rich lore. 

Enter the FatLand Metaverse

FatLandClub is a collection of 10,000 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) based on the Ethereum network, made up of more than 400 visual features of different rarities. FatLand’s hand-drawn avatars include suits, hats, colorful hairstyles, x-ray glasses, and many other glutenous features.

The collection also includes heads with different skin tones, 50 celebrities, and of course, a lot of junk food. Merely looking at the traits of each NFT is enough to create a lot of excitement. While there’s definitely plenty to unpack with the FatNFTs and the exclusive rewards they are looking to take people on an adventure through a futuristic utopian fat earth as they collect the NFTs. 

FatLand Lore

The FatLand is a futuristic civilization on Earth somewhere out in the multiverse. In the year 2022, the earth has fallen into a crumbling shell of deterioration. Using their advanced technology, the people of FatLand have begun the terrifying quest of interdimensional travel through holes in the multiverse. 

Fascinated by this new adventure, 10,000 inhabitants of FatLand are ready for the journey. Breaking their journey up into two stages, 3000 brave FatLand residents will embark on a life-changing journey. 

Hereafter the remaining 7,000 intrepid explorers will arrive in search of a better future. It has been rumored across the multiverse that once these 10,000 inhabitants cross the vast unknown, a great migration of the people of FatLand will begin. Only time and fate will tell.

The Roadmap

The coming months in 2022 and beyond will mark milestones aplenty for FatLandClub and its community. The rich lore of the FatLandClub will carry across real-world events and activities, P2E game worlds, and, eventually, the metaverse. All of these will be accomplished over time, chapter by chapter, step by step. 

There’ll be an initial launch of 3,000 FatLand NFTs, and 100 owners will be airdropped with a unique Baby Fatland. Then the remaining 7,000 will be minted.

After successfully onboarding the 10,000 FatNFTs, the FatLand online store will launch with different merchandise, garments, and accessories that’ll only create more rewards for the FatLand community. Then they’ll tap into the new and evolving world of digital identity for community engagement and fun via exclusive online events and video calls. 

The token $Fatcoin will then be introduced to prepare for and serve an important utility in the upcoming metaverse and P2E gaming ecosystem of the FatLandClub.

FatCity, the metaverse, will be the next destination of 10,000 fatties as they are transformed into 3D avatars. The 3D Fat avatars will be able to conquer lands and compete in Fatcity with the launch of P2E gaming, which will feature different arcade games.

Lastly comes FatLandClub 2.0, where the FatNFTs will expose their owners to different rewards in royalties, proceeds, and profit sharing from their glutenous NFT.

The Utility

Collecting and holding a FatLand NFT comes with an array of utilities starting with the artistic creativity and style of the avatars themselves. People would love to hold a rare one representing their favorite celebrity or junk food. Everyone can relate.

By holding a FatNFT, collectors will participate in prices, rewards in royalties, and proceeds from in-store products.

There will also be an inner circle leading to collectors being part of virtual events, parties, IRL events, and more. The project looks to, most of all, create a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of their exclusive community members.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram & Discord server for updates. Alternatively, you can also follow them on Instagram.

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