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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Why an Electric Bike Is the Perfect Gift for Dad

Every Father’s Day, we find ourselves searching for a gift that is both special and practical, something that truly shows our appreciation for our dads. While traditional gifts like ties, shaving kits, or toolboxes are great, if your dad enjoys cycling and exploring the outdoors, you should get him an electric bike. Here are a few reasons why an electric bike makes the perfect gift for Dad.


The Benefits of an E-Bike for Your Dad


Health and Fitness

E-bikes are an excellent way for dads to stay fit. Compared to other strenuous activities, riding an e-bike provides a low-impact workout that’s easy on the joints, making it ideal for older dads. If you’re concerned about leaving your dad alone for sports like skiing, kayaking, or rock climbing, an e-bike is a safer alternative. Additionally, e-bikes offer flexible throttle and pedal assist functions. When exploring or taking risks, your dad can use the pedal assist for exercise. If he gets tired, he can switch to throttle mode and easily ride home.


Environmentally friendly

E-bikes are a great way to reduce your dad’s carbon footprint. It reduces harmful emissions. By choosing an e-bike as a mode of transportation, your dad can contribute to a cleaner environment and save money on gas, parking, and public transit. The older generation cares more about the impact on the environment, and you can tell your dad that he will be happy to have contributed to improving the environment.


Spend quality time with family

E-bikes are great for getting around and exploring. Just imagine your dad taking his grandkids on bike rides, exploring nearby trails or forests, and it will be a fond memory for them. You can also ask him to teach his grandchildren to ride bikes, and your son and daughter will be happy too, enjoying quality time together.


Visit friends

An e-bike could allow your dad to bond with friends. Your father always has a few friends in the city. You can ride a bike and go to a friend’s party or barbecue in your spare time. It is very beneficial for the elderly to go out and communicate with others. Dads will love an e-bike that actively supports and enhances their lifestyle.


Once we had chosen an e-bike as a gift, the next step was to find the right e-bike for Dad.


Features to Consider When Choosing an E-Bike for Your Dad


Determine intended use

When choosing an e-bike for your dad, consider how he will use it. Will he use it primarily for commuting, recreational riding, or off-road adventures? If he’s 80, you’re unlikely to send him on off-road adventures, he’s probably just going for recreational riding. Knowing the intended use will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect e-bike for your dad.


Consider range

The range of an e-bike is how far it can travel on a single charge. Consider your dad’s riding distances and choose an e-bike with a range that meets his needs. In theory, the longer the battery life, the better. Vanpowers is a long-range e-bike expert. Their e-bikes can provide a range of up to 130 miles. If you have requirements for the mileage of the bike, you may wish to consider them.


Consider function

Electric bicycles have many functions, including front lights, rear lights, brakes, seat adjustment, handlebar adjustment, tire puncture protection, and more. Among them, the more important ones are that the motor is automatically powered off when braking, the taillights are automatically turned on when braking, and the seat is adjusted to the most comfortable height. These bicycle functions are very important for Dad’s riding safety. We take riding safety very seriously, and you can find these features on Vanpowers’ e-bike.


Electric Bikes Are Recommended for You


UrabanGlide Series


The UrbanGlide is Vanpowers’ latest model that was introduced at the (e)revolution National e-Bike Exhibition in June 2023, and it has since won widespread praise for its step-through design and superior performance. This series includes the Ultra, Pro, and Standard versions, with S and L sizes to meet different riders’ needs.


With its powerful 500W mid-drive motor, suspension fork, ultra-comfortable suspension seat post and saddle, and long-range battery, it not only allows riders to traverse the city with ease but also enables them to freely explore off-road trails. Another highlight of UrbanGlide is its compatibility with the mobile app, allowing riders to monitor their battery level, speed, mileage, and other information at any time. Check out what professionals have to say about the UrbanGlide.


City Vanture


The City Vanture is a fast, stylish, and low-maintenance urban e-bike that allows riders to maneuver through crowded streets with ease without sacrificing comfort and safety.


It is Vanpowers’ first road e-bike model and the first e-bike on the market with an assembled frame. Its ultra-light frame and classic look make it indistinguishable from traditional bicycles at first glance. It features a quiet Gates® CDN™ belt drive system that requires far less maintenance than an ordinary chain. With just a two-hour charge, it can go as far as 50 miles, and with an additional battery attachment, this range can be extended to a maximum of 80 miles. Check out what professionals have to say about the City Vanture.




Father’s Day is a time to express love and gratitude. Giving Dad an electric bike is not just a practical gift, but also a gesture of care and companionship. We hope this gift brings Dad health, joy, and convenience, and that every ride reminds him of your love and thoughtfulness. Now check the Father’s Day sale on Vanpowers’ website. 



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