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Fat & Weird Cookie Co. Launches Its Gourmet Treats On DashMart and DoorDash and in Meijers Locations Nationwide

Fans of Fat & Weird Cookie™ Co. can now get their sweet treat “fix” more easily. The company has announced that its stuffed cookies are available on DashMart™ and DoorDash™ and in Meijers™ stores across America. Co-founder Brad says, “We are thrilled to say that within the first week of launching on DoorDash™, we had sold thousands of cookies and were left with numerous sold out locations. It was an amazing way to kick off our new digital storefront, and we could not be more grateful to our incredible customers around the nation.”

The successful expansion marks the latest milestone in the history of Fat & Weird Cookie™ Co., which was started in 2018 by Brad and his wife Aubrie. Brad, the ultimate cookie lover, had received over a thousand cookies as birthday presents from Aubrie’s Instagram followers, and the two had the enviable task of trying each one. Naturally, they had their opinions on which ones tasted great, which ones not so much, and how to improve upon them. When the last box of cookies had been sampled, Aubrie and Brad compared notes. What they found was the beginning of a new kind of gourmet cookie company, one that would pay tribute to classics like the chocolate chip cookie while creating completely new recipes. Four months later, Fat & Weird Cookie™ Co. launched and since then has been redefining customers’ expectations of what a cookie should be.

Learn more about their story on this Facebook Post! [LINK]

“We wanted people to walk into our stores and just say, “Wow,’” Aubrie remembers. “I would say mission accomplished! That’s exactly what happens when they see our MEGA™ 1-pound cookies and our stuffed cookies. They can’t believe what you can do with dough, marshmallows, frosting, graham crackers, white chocolate chips, and other ingredients. We are blowing customers’ minds, and that success has allowed us to expand online and into Meijers™ nationally.”

With this stage of the expansion complete, Brad and Aubrie are focused on guiding Fat & Weird Cookie™ Co. through the next five years. Their goal is to work with more big box companies so that they can penetrate new national markets. 

“Wholesale distribution will be very important to Fat & Weird Cookie™ Co.,” Brad confirms. “In the meantime, we are also gearing up for the release of our next product, our “MEGA™ Bites,” which are bite-sized, stuffed edible cookie dough. Our team can’t wait to roll them out so that our customers can enjoy their gooey centers. 2024 is going to be a huge year for us. Remember to keep checking back with us, as we frequently launch new cookies that have to be tried to be believed.”

About Fat & Weird Cookie Co.:

Fat & Weird Cookie Co. is all about creating amazing gourmet cookies. From 5.5-ounce stuffed cookies to its MEGA 1-pound cookies, it has something for everyone to enjoy. Fat & Weird Cookie™ Co. offers an Ambassador Program and a Loyalty Program with perks that include free cookies and merchandise, seats at the Flavor Creation Table, points that can be redeemed for discounted cookies, and more. 

To learn more about Fat & Weird Cookie Co.’s stuffed cookies, edible cookie dough, flat cookies, and other favorites, please visit and follow the company on Instagram at @fatandweirdcookie.

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