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Fashion company Lootie continues to grow rapidly


Lootie, a brand Mystery box online website, is changing the way people access the fashion industry. It’s currently growing at a blazing speed, with 1 million + registered customers: some call it the fastest growing eCommerce website in the entire industry.

Some people have never heard the term ‘mystery box’. A mystery box is essentially a product that you buy, but you never know exactly what you’re going to get. The assortment of potential products in the box is shown to you beforehand, but which one will be at your doorstep is a complete mystery — hence the name! They come in various types — you can get a Hypebeast mystery box, an Apple mystery box, a Gaming mystery box, a Yeezy box, an Off White Box, and way more. All of these boxes, and more, can be found in Lootie’s official box section.

What’s so special about a mystery box? Why not just use the normal online shopping model? Well, a key consideration when choosing a mystery box is the fact that things can become a lot more affordable during purchasing. A single mystery box contains a variety of items with various price points — this means you can possibly get an item that’s worth a lot more than the amount you paid for the box. For example, from a Supreme box that you pay $50 for, you could possibly get a Supreme hoodie worth $500+! That’s the magic of mystery boxes — you never know for sure, so anything could happen. Naturally, the hard decision is also taken out of your hands — it’s all up to the mystery box. You no longer need to agonize over what to get.

As you know, Lootie is growing at an insane rate — much faster than other mystery box competitors in the eCommerce industry. Lootie is sprinkling in a mix of amazing features and excellent UX decisions, which has led to its massive explosion of popularity in the fashion industry. Some of these include: a large selection of official Lootie boxes (Apple, Supreme, Off White, BAPE, Yeezy, and more), an amazing affiliate program that rewards you for showing Lootie to your friends, and a super fast shipping schedule. Lootie has also partnered with StockX to ensure that every streetwear or sneakers product you purchased is 100% authentic & verified, every time, without compromise.

Of course, for any eCommerce platform to be a viable option for consumers, stuff like this isn’t enough. There are more important things, like trust, speed, and security. In the COVID era, online shops are swamped with orders, and many are unable to fulfill the deliveries they need to on time. Luckily, Lootie guarantees a timely delivery of all orders, and even has a money-back guarantee for any missing or damaged orders. This is a lot better than several third-party vendors, who simply ignore consumer issues. Lootie’s 24/7-ready customer support is there to help out with any site or shipment-related queries. Another extremely important factor that most other mystery box sites seem to neglect is fair pricing. In order to mess with numbers and confuse customers, other sites will often change the pricing of products, making them seem more or less expensive to skew the truth. On Lootie, all products are priced fairly and accurately! If you do not like the product you get from your mystery box, you can easily sell it with a click of a button, and open a new box. You’ll get the exact same item value back in your account, instead of losing money like you often would on other similar sites.

Lootie is also growing rapidly thanks to its extremely large selection of fashion items. There’s not a lot of sites that offer multiple fashion items for various brands, and also have them from truly verified sources like StockX or the brand’s website itself. Lootie has products from tens of popular streetwear and fashion merch brands, making it the one-stop shop for fashionistas. Not to mention, it’s one of the only places where people can get streetwear at a much more affordable rate! Are you interested in a piece of streetwear fashion, like Yeezy box shoes, that your favourite celebrity wears, but you’re unable to fork over hundreds of dollars? It doesn’t matter — because with Lootie, you can access the exact same product from a mystery box for much cheaper. It’s an elegant solution, because it lets people access the fashion market more easily, whilst also making the entire experience thrilling and fun.

Whether you’re a streetwear bling seeker looking to expand your repertoire, a young adult on a budget looking to score some premium merch for cheap, or just someone who wants to make shopping fun again — sign up on Lootie, and let your journey begin.

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