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Farming Yellow Harvest for Poe Currency: Maximizing Rewards With Harvest Nodes

Harvest, one of the major mechanics in the game Path of Exile, has been buffed in the 3.20 update. With the improved passive support for all 10 of the blockable mechanics, it’s time to take a look at how to make the most of Harvest Poe Currency. Harvest nodes are great for low-investment Poe Currency maps as they provide a great return on investment. Farming yellow Harvest Goos is incredibly lucrative, as there is an insatiable demand for them in the game. The Harvest nodes simply multiply the loot you get, rather than changing the way the encounters work. It’s important to remember that you must connect all the Harvest nodes together in order to maximize the rewards.

Rewards for running tier 16 maps

The rewards for running tier 16 maps with Harvest are mainly centered around the chance to encounter tier 4 bosses. When you encounter a Harvest plot, there is a 1% chance to get a tier 4 monster, 3 chances to get tier 3 monsters (25% chance each), and 8 chances to get tier 2 monsters (75% chance each). Tier 1 monsters are not worth killing as they drop almost no life force, and tier 2 monsters drop around 15 life force while tier 3 monsters drop 45 and tier 4 monsters drop around 250. 

It’s also worth noting that Harvest rewards scale less with level than you might think. Quantity on maps only applies to harvest monsters at half effectiveness, and pack size affects monsters at full effectiveness. The increased item quantity from Eldritch Altars also applies to Harvest, but the Delirium-induced quantity does not.

It can be hard to force Harvest on a map, but there are two ways to get a 100% chance. The first is to find maps with the implicit area containing a sacred grove, which can be sold by Keurig or dropped from Shadow Shaping on the passive tree. The second is to use charged compasses or sealed sextants that have maps containing the sacred grove, which can cost around 18 chaos per charge. 

Building a Harvest cluster on the Atlas

When building a Harvest cluster on the Atlas, the Call of the Grove node is the first one to take. It increases the chance to get the sacred grove, and the three small nodes duplicate that but spread over three more points. With the Wandering Path node, this cluster gives you a 30 increased chance to have the sacred grove. 

Harvest nodes together and build the right cluster on the Atlas

Harvest is a great way to farm for items and life force in Path of Exile, and with the buffs from the 3.20 update, it’s even better. By connecting all of the Harvest nodes together and building the right cluster on the Atlas, you can maximize your rewards and get the most out of Harvest. 

There are several clusters of nodes that can be taken to increase the loot gained from harvest. 

The first is the Pincers cluster. This cluster increases the chance of an additional harvest encounter and increases the quantity of life force. It is not essential, but it is a very good value for the number of points it costs. 

The next cluster is the Inner East Doubling Season. This cluster has a 10% chance to duplicate harvest monsters, 9% increased life force, and 45% reduced chance to grow purple and blue plants. This cluster is very good even without Wandering Path and slightly weaker if you do take Wandering Path. 

The Agency cluster is a must-take for any Harvest setup. 

It increases the chance to contain the Sacred Growth by 5% and has a 45% chance, in total, to reduce the chance to grow purple and blue plants. This cluster is great for trading as yellow crops are worth more than purple and blue. Overall, it is estimated to be a 12.5% multiplier to the total amount of value from Harvest. 

The Northern Heart of the Grove cluster is very interesting as the small nodes outshine the large node. It increases the chance of tier 3 plants by 60%, and the small nodes have a 10% increased chance to contain tier 3 plants. Taking all three of these nodes increases the chance of getting a tier 3 plant to 13 in 43, which is estimated to be a 21% multiplier to the amount of tier 3 plants you get. 

Finally, Growing Hordes and Wandering Path can both be taken to transform the mechanics of the entire Atlas. Growing Hordes is great if the current assumptions of map pack size are correct, as it is a multiplier to the amount of loot from Harvest. Wandering Path is more dubious if you are not playing a character that is capable of doing a super grippy Atlas setup, but it is great if you are, as it increases the chance of getting the Sacred Growth from the tree.

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