Fantom (FTM) Struggles to Maintain, Polygon (MATIC) NFT sales Boom Sparklo (SPRK) Bullish

Fantom (FTM) Struggles to Maintain, Polygon (MATIC) NFT sales Boom Sparklo (SPRK) Bullish

In 2022 was a rough year for cryptocurrencies. It got off to a poor start even though the previous year had the highest-ever crypto rally. Inflation struck early as the war in Ukraine broke out. Two major market crashes sent the value of several coins tanking – many of which are yet to recover to their pre-2022 levels. In this article, we discuss the network activity of major players like Fantom (FTM) and Polygon (MATIC). Stay till the end because we will discuss one of the best new projects to buy in 2023.

Fantom (FTM) Struggles to Maintain Bullish FMomentum despite Launching a Host of Upgrades

Fantom (FTM) is down by about 50% from their price position a year ago. This drop has been influenced by several factors, including the crypto winter triggered by FTX’s collapse. However, despite their slow price momentum, the Fantom (FTM) blockchain continues to release upgrades and increase network partnerships to boost patronage. 

In addition, the company’s founder, Michael Egorov, has announced the upcoming launch of a Fantom (FTM) crypto payment service available in many countries except the U.S. 

Polygon (MATIC) Tops NFT Sales Charts in the past few weeks 

Polygon (MATIC) has witnessed a sharp rise in NFT sales in recent weeks despite the reduced activity of the NFT market. NFT sales activity on Polygon (MATIC) was buoyed by the reduced NFT trading activity on Ethereum, which was probably caused by high gas fees. In addition, other blockchains have considerably increased NFT activity since the Ethereum slump.

 However, polygon’s (MATIC) NFT activity seems driven by the Y00ts collection, which recently completed a migration from Solana. While Ethereum remains the most active blockchain for NFTs, Polygon (MATIC) could challenge other blockchains for top spot

Sparklo (SPRK) Intrigious Investors

Sparklo is a project that answers the question of how to make investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals easy. Sparklo token is a finance protocol that helps users start investing in precious metals. It offers benefits like low and discounted fees, safe storage of precious metals, and wide accessibility across borders.

Sparklo is outstanding for its unique approach to trading precious metals. The project employs fractionalized NFTs which help reduce the cost of investing in these precious metals. Through fractionalized NFTs, users don’t have to purchase full bars of gold or silver. Rather, they can purchase any amount of the precious metals, and their holdings will be represented by an NFT, which represents the fraction of precious metals owned by an investor.

Sparklo is a new project, but investors already love so many things about it. For instance, Splarko is committed to being its customers’ safe and secure destination. It has already undergone a security audit, and the results are published on the website. The platform has also pledged to lock liquidity forever to shore up investor confidence.

Right now, Sparklo is one of the most talked about crypto projects despite being in the early phases of its presale with a price of only $0.015. After thoroughly reviewing Sparklo’s project, we are convinced that Sparklo might be a great investment opportunity. If you want to join the presale, go through the links below.

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