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FamilyTime Review – Can It Help Prevent Suicidal Ideation in Teens?

Teenagers are often moody and secretive. It is an age where they value their privacy and get mad at the slightest things. However, drastic changes in teens, like staying grumpy and sad all the time, are red flags. 

If they seem gloomy and unhappy all the time, parents need to be on their toes and figure out what is causing their kids to be so upset. A parental control app for Android or iPhone, like FamilyTime, can help parents with this problem. 

Suicide is directly linked to suicide and is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers nowadays. But what is leading teens to take such drastic measures? Let’s take a look.

Why Do Teens Think of Committing Suicide?

Modern-age life is hectic and cold. People are busier than ever! Even if they aren’t working, they are busy with their screens. Nobody has the time to listen to others’ problems or lend a helping hand. Lonely teens who get bullied, have nobody to rely on, or struggle with mental health issues, face the risk of suicide and depression. 

If you pay closer attention, you can spot warning signs that indicate teens’ depression and their inclination to commit suicide. What you, as parents, must understand is that teens do not actually want to die. They contemplate that action likely because they like they have lost all hope. Teens who wish to commit suicide are unable to cope with the intense pain that they feel. That insurmountable pain drives them to the edge, and suicide seems like the only way out. 

Are you thinking how to prevent teens from taking matters of life and death into their own hands? Fret not! We’ve got you.

How to Prevent Teen Suicide & Depression?

The first and foremost thing any parent can do for teens is to get involved in their lives. Be there for them. Parents must pay attention to everything they do because even their silence has meaning. If they seem unusually gloomy, ask them what is bothering them or if any incident, in particular, has triggered such emotions. 

If you spot signs of depression, try to motivate them and cheer them up. More importantly, once you know something is wrong with your teen, you must closely monitor their activities to figure out what could be causing the depression or suicidal ideation.

Know What Your Teens Are Doing Online

Teens who are depressed or considering committing suicide tend to seek information online. If they are depressed, they may look for anything that might help them. Similarly, teens who have lost all hope search for ways to end their lives. They may try to find information or means to act on that impulse. 

Knowing what teens are doing online provides valuable insight into their minds. It gives you a glimpse of what they are thinking or planning. Therefore, you can stop anything terrible from happening and get them the help they need.

Educate Kids Against Digital Dangers

Preparing your kids to handle the modern-age digital world and its threats is one of the best ways to fight against threats like depression and suicidal ideation. Teaching them how to handle situations like cyberbullying, racial slurs, trolling, etc., can help them a lot. 

Kids who know how to manage their emotions stay confident and become strong-minded. On the contrary, kids who do not know how to express their emotions often get flustered and act hastily in the face of such events.

Let FamilyTime Protect Your Kids

Apart from teaching kids the art of handling the stone-cold digital world, parents must rely on a FamilyTime parental control app for Android. It helps protect your kids against digital threats and gives inside information that allows parents to prevent their kids from taking such drastic actions.

Get Valuable Insights into Kids’ Minds 

Are your teens moody and sensitive than usual? Are they being more secretive or showing unusual changes in behavior? Do you want to know what they are thinking? Do you wish to find out what has been going on in their minds without violating their privacy? All of that is possible with FamilyTime. Its call & text monitoring feature can help you with this matter.

It scans their calls and messages. You can find information relevant to problems like cyberbullying, depression, suicidal ideation, sexting, etc. If your teens are involved in any of these things, you will get to know. That way, you can help them in time and prevent any oncoming disaster.

Monitor Their Social Media Use 

Social media is like a mirror into kids’ minds. Whatever they search, watch, or comment on online social media platforms gives you a peek into what is going on in their heads. If they are sad, depressed, or thinking about suicide, you will find out by monitoring their social media by using FamilyTime’s YouTube and TikTok Monitoring features. What’s more is that you can prevent them from getting victimized by online sexual predators, catfishers, and scammers.

Restrict Access to Harmful Content 

If teens are adamant about committing suicide, they might go online to seek ways to do that. They may look for ways to do it i.e., guns, chemicals, harmful substances, etc. The best thing is to restrict their access to such harmful information. FamilyTime’s Internet filter can help you with that. You can block all inappropriate websites. You can easily block harmful content using keywords. You can turn on the safe search mode to remove such content even from the search results.

Keep Track of Kids’ Whereabouts 

Teens who are suffering from depression may wander about aimlessly or end up somewhere unsafe. Parents can keep an eye on their whereabouts and get some peace of mind knowing they are somewhere safe. Similarly, the location tracking feature can help you locate them if kids are not responding to your calls or messages. 

Know What Apps and Platforms Kids Use 

Plenty of unsafe and potentially dangerous apps exist that parents do not know about. There is no shortage of violent and addictive games either. The blue whale challenge is one example of this case. Teens suffering from depression who are circling suicidal ideation may get exposed to such harmful apps. 

FamilyTime’s App Blocker can help parents prevent that from happening. It blocks any app that kids download. Parents receive immediate notification, and kids can only use the app if it gets approved by their parents.

What More Can FamilyTime Do?

FamilyTime is a diverse parental app and offers various impeccable features beyond the ones mentioned here. It can help protect your teens on the road with its Teen Safe Drive feature. It monitors their driving speed on the road and alert parents if the exceed their designated speed limit. Moreover, it offers features like Screen Time Limit, Screen Time Schedule, Family Pause, Family Bank, Fun Time, Pick Me Up Button, and a whole lot more.

Is It Affordable?

It offers a 3-day free trial if you are interested in testing its system. Other than that, it has 4 premium monthly payment plans ranging between $1.15 to $2.25 per month. The payment plans have been designed according to the number of devices that are required to be monitored. On the other hand, you can add as many parent devices as you like.

Which Operating Systems Does It Work With?

FamilyTime is one of the best parental control apps for Android and iPhone because it is fully compatible with both operating systems. It works across both systems and parents can easily monitor kids’ activities regardless of the device they use.

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