Famed artist Hiro Ando announces the launch of his new digital collection

NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) have become a huge trend in the contemporary art market as it guarantees the authenticity of digital work. Hiro Ando is a deeply renowned Japanese Artist who has recently announced the launch of his new digital collection of Samurai Cats. 

Hiro Ando born in 1973, on the Island of Shikoku, Japan, began his career as an illustrator. He co-founded an artist studio known as Crazy NOOdles with Saori Nakamishi in 2005. Ando’s strongest inspiration for his art is Japanese Culture. He uses the reference from Japanese Manga, and Japanese archetypes such as the Hello Kitty, sumo wrestler, and the Samurai Cats. 

His Samurai Cat sculptures cost around 150000 euros each and are famous among celebrities. Steve Aoki, a partner in Samurai Cats, and a popular DJ believe the sculptures keep him away from evil spirits. The sculpture is built around the good luck icon of Japanese mass culture, Maneki-Neko. 

Hiro Ando’s new digital collection offers an innovative collection of 4747 Samurai Cats, the warriors of 47 Ronin. Samurai Cats come in various colors, faces, and outfits. Some of these NFTs are rarer and can offer special benefits. These NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain and are randomly assembled from Hiro Ando’s hand-drawn layers. From this new collection, Ando aims to limit the gap between the real and digital world

The Artprice’s annual report on October 4, 2021, states that the Non-fungible Tokens are here to revolutionize the contemporary art market. The growth of NFTs sales rose by 117% i.e. over $2.7 billion in the year 2020-2021. The online migration of contemporary art auctions since the start of the sanitary crisis is the major reason for this exponential growth. Some of the digital art pieces like the work The First 5000 days have been sold for $69.3 million in an auction. This proves the NFT fever. 

Through the activities of Studio Crazy NOOdles, Ando intends to share his innovative and venturing universe in this new market. As his new collection is about to be introduced into the metaverse, buyers can rest assured that his future collections will be supported by the physical world. The conception of contemporary art is unique to the global NFT market, which places the collective at the face of the ongoing revolution. 

Studio Crazy NOOdles was founded by Saori Nakamishi and Hiro Ando in 2005. This studio aims to create and promote young pop artists on a global level. They intend to follow the approach of Andy Warhol, who reinvents culture and mass consumption. The leader of the studio, Hiro Ando is steadily making his mark in the art market and is an up-and-coming Japanese artist to watch closely. 

You can Mint the NFT here. If you could not buy the NFT before minting is sold out, visit their official Opensea account. Join the community on Discord and Twitter to get early information about their new collections.

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