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Fake News of Robots Killed Scientists in Japan

A widespread conspiracy says that four AI robots attacked and killed 29 scientists. Conversely, no such event has ever been documented in Japan.

Although the vast majority of people know that this is not legitimate news, some people in the United States and worldwide insist that it is. The claimed attack by four robots on scientists or lab personnel at a leading robotics business in Japan never made it into the press.

The famous journalist who reported these deaths was accused of generating rumors about conspiracies. It hasn’t been confirmed by any reliable media outlets.

Where did this all begin?

Who was the first person to claim that robots in Japan were killing people? Reporter Linda Moulton Howe, who is well-known for promoting conspiracy theories, expressed concern that artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity during a panel discussion at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo in December 2018. A post on Facebook that included a portion of the exhibition film attracted a lot of attention on the internet. Howe talks about an event in which 4 robots killed 29 scientists at a Japanese lab. Howe revealed at her expo session that she had received a call from a man posing as a contractor for the CIA, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The former marine then elaborates, telling her that the robots attacked the scientists by shooting them with metal bullets. Even though some of the robots were turned off by the scientists, the ones that were left to rebuild themselves brought themselves back online relatively soon.

Is this true?

Since this attack was first reported, no reliable sources have come forward with evidence. She does not give any background information or specifics to her story, such as the names of the researchers, the location of the lab, or the date of the alleged event. Since there are no official announcements or records of these supposed deaths, Howe’s claim can only be based on hearsay.

Since then, Linda’s story has been widely circulated online, leading to an investigation by Snopes, which concluded that her story was false. In her talk about the perils of AI and UFO sightings, she suggested that maybe we’re the advanced AI creations of an alien race. According to Snopes, the massacre tale was used to catch people’s attention during her talk.

Numerous holes in the massacre story are pointed out by Snopes, supporting their conclusion that it is a fraud. To begin, the story provides no background or context. Neither the name of the factory nor the names of the scientists who were allegedly killed in the massacre are revealed by Linda, nor is the source of her information explained. Also, Linda claims the government covered up the attack involving the robots, but Snopes says no scientists have gone missing. Finally, Linda’s story takes an unexpected turn. In the interview, she repeats the same tale but adds that her source did not witness the fatalities and was only relaying information he had heard. She says her informant was relaying information he had overheard.

In recent years, however, it has been used as an example of false information with American roots. There is no evidence that this incident was ever reported in Japan. Even in 2022, the vast majority of Japanese people still know little to nothing about the shooting.

In Conclusion

This version of events, which claims that AI robots were to blame for the murders of scientists in Japan, is, at the very least, unsupported by the available evidence.

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