Facts That Are Very Interesting Concerning Technology


With the development of technology over the past century, humans have accomplished great things. We now have resources and tools at our disposal for technology, which has made life incredibly convenient. It has become challenging to keep up with the rate of the invention to the frequency of discoveries in the technical field. Even though these technological marvels are fascinating today, their origin stories are even fascinating and Register now for getting upgradation with the latest technology. Here fascinating little-known details about the technology, we use almost daily.

The first website ever created can still accessed

The first version of the website launched in 1991 and was hosted on a NeXT machine at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The public has given all the information they need about the World Wide Web on this helpful page. Its purpose today is to act as a historical repository.

The World Wide Web existed before email

It’s complex to picture a future without the internet in today’s mobile-centric era. However, it’s interesting to note that the internet is comparatively more recent than email. In 1971, years before the internet was created, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email message to himself. According to Tomlinson earliest test emails were forgotten.

A device that ran on water was the Water Integrator

He eventually created the water integrator machine, which could create graphs and aid in visualisation of the thermal process. Long into the 1970s, water computers still used in manufacturing facilities, research labs, and educational institutions. As digital computers improved in power and usability, the need for these hydraulic integrators became less prevalent.

The value of the IT sector will surpass $5.3 trillion in 2022

Following the tech slump in 2020, the industry is returning to its prior CAGR of 5%–6%. It equates to an estimated $5.3 trillion in 2022. That number’s largest source of contribution is the US. A total of $1.8 trillion, or 33% of the entire tech market, is made up of it. China claims 14% of the market, compared to 19% for all of Europe, as a whole.

Even today, you may access the first webpage ever created

In 1989, a British researcher named Tim Berners-Lee, employed by CERN, created the World Wide Web. The first website in history didn’t materialise for another two years. On a NeXT machine at CERN, the first website went live in 1991. That the original webpage is still accessible to you is remarkable. It acts as a historical repository for any information concerning the World Wide Web that is available online.

World currency is digital

It’s no secret that digital currency plays a significant role in the contemporary economy, but people are ignorant of just how much of a role it plays. Physical money makes up only 8% of the world’s cash. The remainder is electronically archived. But the way we relate to money is just starting to alter. Experts predict that the emergence of bitcoin and blockchain, our entire method of conducting business transactions will change sooner rather than later. You can gain from the support of a managed IT services provider if you’re finding it to keep up with the quickly evolving world of technology. 

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