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Factors that influence the Scaffolding Prices

Scaffolding refers to a temporary frame that aids individuals to stand on a firm platform while working at places that are hard to reach. The platform supports workers and materials during the construction process in the construction sector. In Kenya, its demand has increased as the construction industry continues to grow.

The above diagram shows the temporary structure used to help workers reach taller heights during construction. The demand has been rapidly increasing as the construction industry continues to grow. Below are some of the factors that influence scaffolding prices in Kenya.


The two major types are aluminum and steel. Steel is more durable and supports more weight than flimsy aluminum. However, steel is more expensive than aluminum. Ultimately, the total construction cost will depend on the type needed for the project.

The duration of the project

The longer the duration of the project, the higher the final cost. For example, if the building project requires steel and aluminum materials for three months, the price will be higher than if the materials are needed for a week. Proper project planning and time consideration will significantly minimize the costs used for that project.

Height and size

The height and size of the project will also affect the total cost. The higher and more significant the size of the project, the more expensive it will be since more materials, labor, and time to assemble will be needed making it more expensive. Therefore, it is essential to know the exact height and size of the project before the project begins and the final cost is quoted.

Supplier of the materials needed.

Different suppliers have different rates and pricing models, which can affect the project’s total cost. Adequate research on various suppliers, their prices, and delivery policies should be conducted to ensure that the best materials are used and that minimum charges are incurred.


The labor cost will depend on the number of workers needed to assemble and dismantle the temporary structure and the project duration. The more workers are required, the higher the cost of labor. Additionally, if the project requires skilled labor, the price will be higher now that the pay rates of skilled and unskilled labor differ.

Geographical location 

Suppose the project site is located in a remote area or an area that has strict government restrictions. In that case, transportation, infrastructure, planning, management, and administration costs will be higher than in a built-up area. As a result, the cost of scaffolding will increase.


The temporary solid structure allows workers to reach taller heights and enables them to work on walls, ceilings, and windows efficiently. The system also provides more safety compared to the use of ladders. In addition, planning the project is necessary to minimize the ultimate costs incurred after completion. 

This article has emphasized some factors that influence the materials used when setting up a temporary frame to make the construction process more accessible, cheaper, and more timely.

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