Factors that influence the cryptocurrency value


The cryptocurrency market has become one of the most talked-about subjects recently because as people look for more safety for their money, these networks turn into the best places for peer-to-peer purchases. Through these platforms, you can buy and sell goods and services and gain digital money and hold them in a virtual wallet that’s more secure and systematized. 

By using an encryption technique and operating through decentralized systems, cryptocurrencies gained the trust of individuals. But when it comes to investing, the market can fluctuate, and the prices might change from one day to another, which is what we’ll discuss in the article below.

Cost of production

To produce tokens, you need to undergo a mining process, in which you’ll use your computer to verify data, also called a block. Once validated, these blocks are linked to one another, creating the blockchain, where the information is recorded and distributed but not edited, which makes the system well-known for its security. But all these steps are not easily-made, and they require certain expenses, such as the costs of the computing power from the expensive equipment used for electricity.

Therefore, if you mine successfully, even if it takes time and power, you’ll most likely continue to see better results. But if your costs will not exceed the mining outcome, it’s hopeless to try again because cryptocurrency’s price is affected by how many people invest in the process. If the costs of mining are increasing, the value may also go up, although some cryptos don’t work under the same requirements, so conduct thorough research before investing to know what to expect.

Supply and demand

The well-known supply and demand economic principle rules the physical markets and the digital world. When you see the cryptocurrency market fluctuating, you can suppose that:

  • If the prices are higher, more tokens are supplied in the market (depending on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has a limited number of the coins provided, whereas Ethereum offers unlimited tokens).
  • At higher prices, there will be less demand from buyers.

As an investor, it’s important to know about these factors because they will give you an insight into the profitability of digital assets for a longer period. Then, it provides an understanding of the short-term performance of the crypto market, therefore helping you ascertain the future worth of your assets.

In time, you’ll be able to identify which areas from the term chart tend to see supply or demand so that you can think of your next move. Depending on the cryptocurrency you plan to invest in, it’s important to know you can’t apply the same rules everywhere because, as stated before, some cryptos have no token limit. The supply increases year by year, such as in Ethereum. If you want to have a look at the ETH price chart, make sure you know how to read a crypto chart and dive into the Dow theory to get an idea of how cryptocurrencies work. But when you do, you’ll find that Ethereum and Bitcoin aren’t that hard to understand and interpret.

Crypto trends

The cryptocurrencies couldn’t make it this far without changing market trends. This means that if there wasn’t anything to do with them other than financial transactions, these digital currencies could’ve been a flop in the market. Luckily, people became more interested in NFTs and DeFi systems, which boosted the usage of decentralized networks, like Ethereum, which is designed to provide the use of smart contracts and the advantage of the community’s aid in coding more applications.

Let’s dive into why NFTs have become popular for cryptocurrencies. An NFT (non-fungible token) is like a unique trading card, and you won’t find the same card anywhere else. They can be almost anything in a digital form, and they’re only found in blockchains. So, it’s the perfect market for buyers and sellers who want to own unique products and make businesses. In this regard, you can make transactions with cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, where you can also trade NFTs from video games.

The other online trend that’s been boosting the crypto market is the use of DeFi applications. An abbreviation for decentralized finance, this technology is an open alternative to the current financial systems, and it’s based on an open-source technology that anyone can program. A DeFi application lets you hold your money and control the transactions without the involvement of a third party, like a bank. Some things you can do with this instrument are:

  • Send and stream money around the world
  • Borrow funds with or without collateral (some lenders accept NFTs as collateral)
  • Trade tokens and grow your portfolio
  • Buy insurance

Social Media

It’s easy to see why cryptocurrencies have become so popular. Currently, we’re taken aback by NFTs, DeFi applications and all these concepts that seem new, but they’ve been on the market for some time. Even though it’s not recent, they’ve gained popularity through social media and influencers. And as you may know, people gain trust in products faster when they see someone else recommend or use them.

For example, another crypto coin called Dogecoin has gained popularity overnight after a tweet from one of the most influential Internet figures. The result? In 24 hours, the cryptocurrency rallied 37% with a high record, and it has been on the market podium since then. Few know that Dogecoin, among Shiba Inu coins, has started as a joke from some memes with dogs. This meme coin hype also increased the coin’s popularity, showing the power of online communities.

All in all, the blockchain communities can influence cryptocurrency trends from the sentiments expressed in technical discussions. Users’ opinions can explain some of the fluctuations; therefore, you might be able to forecast the rise or fall of some markets based on this factor.

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies have increasingly gained the interest of many people, which eventually led to their influence on the crypto market. So, choosing which cryptocurrency is worth the deal, consider these factors and make thorough research.

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