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Factors That Affect Hotel Recommendation

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A hotel plays a major role in turning your holiday into a dream vacation. They must have all the important factors guests look for. According to STR Research, the top factors influencing a guest’s choice of hotel accommodation in May 2021 are site, price & value for money, cancellation policy, prior stay, and positive reviews/personal suggestions. When preparing for a picnic or vacation, choosing a suitable hotel is the most important task.

 However, while the internet and communication technology have simplified this important problem to some extent, there are still some factors you should consider when choosing a hotel, especially if you are traveling with your family and children. Selecting the one that corresponds to your preferences and criteria from the available options can be difficult. A little preliminary research will undoubtedly simplify your task and can make a huge difference.

 Although most of the factors were in the top five prior to COVID-19, the way each impacts travel decisions has shifted. There are many factors that give certain hotels an advantageous edge over others. Independent hotels can achieve a competitive edge over branded hotels by focusing on these given factors.

The hotel Should Be At A Prime Location

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 First and foremost, the hotel must be located near a favorite tourist attraction. The ideal hotel will not be suitable for you if it is not located in the ideal location. People typically compare the location of various hotels they are considering, as well as their proximity to dining, leisure, public transportation, and any other details that would make their stay more entertaining. 

Do people who are planning an island vacation want to stay oceanfront so they can walk right out onto the sand from their hotel room? Is it better to live near public transportation in a city so they can take the subway rather than wasting money taking a cab? Would people rather stay in a central location near the attractions? Solo travelers, especially females, may value being in a safe neighborhood where they can arrive and go at night without fear. Safety plays a very important role, especially while traveling solo.  

  • Ensure Room’s Safety And Precautions

The guest who arrives at a particular hotel does so with the insight that their belongings will be safe and protected during his stay. Security is crucial in a hotel or within the hospitality sector because it is a security system in place to safeguard staff, guests, and material resources and assets. A well-protected hotel gains more trust from the customers and is further recommended to others as well.  

Equipment, appliances, buildings, guests’ personal possessions, and even the hotel grounds are examples of physical assets. Ensure you have all the necessary information, such as the smart lock manufacturer and the cleaning routine for each room. In addition, proper gate valves from a reliable valves manufacturer must also be installed. Also, it is important to know what is gate valve is so that it can be used specifically for a particular purpose.

  • Offer Affordable Price Range 

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 If you charge too much, you will lose sales to your local competition, which offers more or less the same type of lodging and services at a lower price. In the hotel industry, your strategy is crucial because it aids you in selling rooms and increasing occupancy and profit. This is possible if you know the right price for necessities from locals such as Indian webcam manufacturers as well as lock manufacturers. 

When it concerns the cost of their rooms, hoteliers must remain proactive. Capturing real-time data and keeping up with current market trends, as well as your own business trends, is essential for sustaining an optimal pricing model for your hotel.

  • A Friendly Staff Would Help In A Long Way

Ensure that you choose the right individuals from the start. You can see whose virtues align with your brand early on in the recruiting process. Organize excellence in customer service workshops and seminars for your employees.

 Keep your hotel employees happy, and they will be your best brand ambassadors. Allow staff, housekeepers, front desk managers, and any other employee who interacts with guests to deliver on your brand’s commitments.


Hotels can tell guests a story through design in all common areas and bedrooms, but they should not hold back there. A hotel’s personality should be evident throughout the customer experience, and employees should be provided with training to share the hotel’s story with guests. 

Aside from a distinct identity, an independent hotel’s strength lies in its adaptability and ability to respond quickly to changing expectations of the customers. Independent hotels can gain a competitive advantage over branded hotels by concentrating on the abovementioned factors. The above-given factors would give an edge over other hotels in terms of their recommendation.

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