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Fact Check: Is TeraBox a Chinese APP?

Is TeraBox a Chinese App? Is TeraBox from a Chinese Company? This is most frequently asked about globally; however, TeraBox is a Japanese company. TeraBox was launched globally in May 2020. It is a great success in the tech market and rocked the whole organization of data storage apps.

This company offers free premium features. For people who are perplexed about how it is possible, the history of this company is mesmerizing in contrast to other tech firms. So, it has proved itself by offering fantastic data privacy and cloud storage services. The Headquarters of this company is in Toyo, Japan. The website claims to have around 250 million members.

Free storage is the most prominent feature of cloud services, and it has high-resolution pictures and 4K videos. However, TeraBox is an online storage provider. For more information about “Is TeraBox a Chinese app”? Read the post below.

Is TeraBox a Chinese Company?

TeraBox isn’t a Chinese Company, and it is fully run by Flextech Inc., which is a tech company in Japan. It’s a leading worldwide cloud storage privacy solution. The TeraBox app proudly serves the services of over 250 million users around the world, offering an easy and simple way to manage and store precious and private data.

Now, if you have a question about who owns TeraBox cloud storage? TeraBox is now a Japanese company backed by Flextech, which is a cloud storage system. Flextech comes with heavy backup files, other services, and file-sharing facilities in one software that is now well-known as TeraBox.

What is Meant by ‘Safety’ in Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage safety is defined with the combination of 2 attributes:

  • Data security: Data security means data is secured from deletion, corruption, or loss.
  • Privacy protection: Privacy protection means to ensure the data remains private or confidential and unreachable to unauthorized data.

An ideal cloud storage provider offers numerous hardware and software measures to control data privacy and data protection.

These measures generally connect with industry-identified privacy standards. However, the privacy level of cloud storage service may be derived by considering the below features:

  • Compliance with standards: Which security guidelines does the supplier follow?
  • Unique security features: Which particular software & hardware security measures are used?

Now that you are aware of how to evaluate cloud providers and cloud storage safety, let’s learn more about TeraBox’s advantages and awards.

Advantages of TeraBox Japanese Company

This app is absolutely secure for storing videos and pictures; it’s a suggestion to exercise caution while uploading sensitive data, such as identity information and credit card details.

This market is increasing faster due to the demand to store data in the cloud, the access and convenience of files among many devices, and the fear of accidental data loss with personal devices.

1.     Protecting Data as it Travels: (SSL/TLS)

TeraBox claims private data while transferring the files among servers and user devices using SSL/TLS(Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) encoded protocols.

In a nutshell, it secures users’ data from interception during transmission. If it really happens, no one else, like the communication provider, attackers, or TeraBox itself, can reach the data in its decode form. is a browser website that is verified in terms of security information, and the connection was private with a valid certificate.

2.     Server-Side Encoding with Personal Vault

TeraBox provides a different characteristic called” Safe,” which is a personal vault to store the most sensitive data. Data within the “Safe” feature is encrypted on this app server and only accessible via a personal vault security password.

It ensures the data gets secure and prevents unauthorized permissions even if it is an unlikely program for the TeraBox server.

It’s important to note that TeraBox is absolutely free for users and has a personal vault storage capacity of around 200MB. If you want to move on to a premium plan, then purchase it to get 2 TB of storage data.

3.     Personal File Sharing & Link Expiration

TeraBox offers a privacy feature known as “Private Link” for encoded file-sharing. While enabling the feature, you get a random password that is generated alongside the file transmission link of your folder/file and uploaded to the cloud storage box.

It makes sure that only people who have this password can grant permission to share data. Moreover, people can control the validity of a link by selecting whether it gets active indefinitely or if it expires after a special period. You can trust this tool to share files free.

TeraBox Certifications & Compliance

ISO Certifications

TeraBox claims to have ISO 27018, ISO 2770, and ISO 27001 certifications.

These certifications are:

  • ISO 27018: It’s a code of practice that is specifically designed to protect PII(Personally Identifiable Information) in the cloud market.
  • ISO 27701: It identifies privacy techniques and needs for establishing, maintaining, implementing, and continually maintaining a PIMS(Privacy Information Management System).
  • ISO 27001: This is a reputed international standard certification for ISMS. It is also known as the Information Security Management System. It refers to the needs met in terms of knowledge of privacy, privacy protection, and cybersecurity.

After confirming the legitimacy of the TeraBox certificates on official British Standards Institution websites, we, also known as Flextec Inc., the main business of TeraBox, were granted these certifications.

A business must follow strict guidelines and pass demanding audits conducted by outside assessors in perspective to get these certifications. The dedication of TeraBox to privacy is demonstrated by attaining these certifications. Check more TeraBox reviews from Disruptmagzine!

Awards of TeraBox| Milestone Achievements

TeraBox has achieved many awards in the past few years, such as in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Plus, in 2024, it still has the capability to win the award the next time.

Major award achievements are listed below:

➔        Silver Award

The silver award was achieved in 2022; this award is nominated for the Best New Mobile Application in productivity, utility, and tool. So TeraBox put more effort into making their progress better.

➔        Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award was achieved in 2023, and this award is for good communication design and an ideal brand for users. The design team is more appreciative of achieving this award.

➔        French Design Award & Muse Design Award

In 2023, they achieved two more successes apart from the Red Dot Award; the Thai award is also for perfect communication design and fascinating branding that is similar to the Red Dot Award.

Pricing Plan of TeraBox

You can get two versions of TeraBox storage services: the free version and the premium version.

Free Version:

  • It’s absolutely free to use.
  • Offer 1 TB free.
  • Twenty files save option facility.
  • Max video resolution where you can get 480 pixels.

Premium Version:

  • The premium plan costs $3.49$ per month.
  • Offer 2 TB storage space.
  • Fifty thousand files save option facility.
  • Max video resolution offers around 1080 pixels.


Who owns TeraBox cloud storage? Is TeraBox a Chinese company? It’s the latest hot question, so the answer is no: TeraBox is owned by a Japanese company.

This app is widely used for its free storage capacity and high-quality privacy and security because it has 2-way authentication that is safe for every user of TeraBox.

Information is stored in the personal vault with authenticity. Moreover, TeraBox has now become a famous brand, and you can upgrade it as well by obtaining the 2 TB storage data in your personal vault.



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