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Facebook Status: A Medium of Expression

Facebook Status: A Medium of Expression

Facebook is a social networking platform that allows people to get in touch with old friends and family members with whom they may have lost touch throughout their lives. It is the point of connection between the past and the future. By participating in various forms of social networking online, not only do we reconnect with old acquaintances, but we also make new ones. There is usually a question on a Facebook page that asks you what is going through your thoughts at that same moment. Learn more about social media, the internet, technology, and the latest trends by clicking here: meta tix.


A Facebook status is a good way of expressing ourselves. Telling everyone the things in our minds is a good thing than bottling them up in your mind which can dangerously disturb your emotional stability if not expressed. Posting funny Facebook statuses and inspirational quotes is a nice thing too if you wanted to help several negative people in your environment. Some enlightenment, that’s what they need for one to be not a downer. Being around those negative people could give us distress too, and it is mentally and physically draining. So, they should be enlightened and that will make them feel good. Remember, people like to laugh and laughter is always going to be the best medicine.


Venting our hate to the world, debating the things we are not in favor of what others say, and having fun chatting with friends are just some of the things most of us do on our Facebook page. Anyway, it is a social networking site. It is meant and made to be the “venting machine” of one’s emotions. It has become an everyday hobby in millions of people’s lives. The Facebook phenomenon is huge and it is growing each day. Many have been given a chance and an opportunity to express whatever they needed to be expressed. Posting funny Facebook statuses and inspirational quotes not only allows oneself the opportunity to make others laugh but also helps others relived their stress and negativity in life.


As a result of your actions, others will begin to follow in your footsteps, and an increasing number of individuals who are currently living on the dark side of existence will be guided to enlightenment simply by reading humorous status updates. It is wonderful to learn that one can encourage other people to laugh and have fun in life through the use of Facebook or any other social networking site. Those who are struggling to deal with their issues can benefit from this in some way. The greatest good that may come from using Facebook would be to encourage others toward joyful thoughts and laughter.


No one willfully chooses to have a pessimistic attitude toward life, even though we all have to deal with problems and hardships in life. Always bear in mind that for every issue that we are currently facing, there is a problem that will, at some point, have a solution that will be discovered. There are always going to be possibilities, even if they aren’t available to us right now, at some point later on in our lives. I want to urge everyone to live their lives to the absolute fullest and be as courageous as possible while expressing themselves. Make the most of the time you have left to enjoy your life. We only have one precious life, unlike the cats that have nine lives. We have a limited amount of time so don’t be a downer and have fun! Visit the link wat for more details.

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