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Fabric Conditioners Market is Expected to Witness Healthy Growth at 2.5% CAGR through 2027

Fabric Conditioners Market

The A.I.S.E. Product Resource Efficiency Project for liquid fabric conditioners is a good example of this type of initiative, as it commits to targeted communication activities and raises awareness about fabric conditioner formulations and their applicability.

According to the study, the fabric conditioners market is highly fragmented, with low entry barriers, resulting in a flood of variants. As a result, premium product manufacturers are facing challenges in terms of price versus quantity offered when compared to a variety of other low-cost products that provide competent value. To make a strong impression on consumers and drive sales, these companies are focusing on packaging and labeling innovation, as well as novel marketing strategies.

What are the main challenges that the fabric conditioners market players are facing?

One of the major concerns among manufacturers has been respiratory problems and skin irritation linked to the key ingredient in fabric conditioners, quaternary ammonium compounds (‘quats’ or QAC), which are used to prevent static.

The formation of fatty films, which makes the fabric less absorbent, is a major concern associated with the regular use of fabric conditioners. Fabric conditioner usage has also been linked to staining spots and waxy accumulations on clothing. Fabric conditioner adoption has been hampered by these concerns.

Liquid Fabric Softeners are still the most popular option.

Liquid fabric conditioners have gained a lot of traction as the most effective way to get rid of odors and reduce static in clothing. Despite their higher cost, sales of liquid fabric conditioners have remained strong, with revenues estimated at over US$ 4,200 million in 2018. Liquid fabric conditioners’ alternative uses, such as removing hard water stains and preventing static shocks, are expected to boost sales shortly.

The growing adoption of dryer sheets is a key trend that has been gaining traction in the fabric conditioners market. Consumer demand for dryer sheets has been driven by their increased affordability in combating static cling while also providing softness and fragrance to clothes.

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