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Faaxy – Releases new music “You Are The One” and Upcoming Albums in Sultanate of Oman

Sultanate Of Oman – Faaxy is among the most talented and gifted individuals with an innate interest for songs that could introduce him to extraordinary elevations in the music industry. Revealing his very anticipated new solitary — “You Are The One”, Faaxy, in associated with Gulf Web Designs and Al-hilal real estate companies in Oman famously understood for his feel-good songs, dishes out invaluable treasures in this track and also urges people to keep striving to achieve their objectives and also appreciate.

You Are The One is a well-tuned tune with immeasurable truths. Faaxy lyrically speaks his mind and also manages a deeply associated tune that several listeners will relate to and also enjoy immensely. Made with an unique beat that cannot be over-emphasized, You Are The One will undoubtedly entertain and also affect greatly on its audiences. Faaxy’s new launch, “You Are The One,” is an item of feel-good music that fulfills important social needs.

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Faaxy’s “Let me say a little” is a track that can be played in clubs and also on the radio to captivate the audience and audiences. It is an afrobeat track that will make the listeners dancing and enjoy the beat, circulation, and verses. The verses have been specially created just to make it very easy for listeners to memorize and sing along.

About Faaxy

Cheru Kunnath Paijas known professionally as Faaxy is an Asian singer musical artist. He has already verified Spotify’s official artist account. His music is available on international music platforms like Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, amazon music, etc. He started his music career in 2021 with his own Faaxy music studio in Sultanate Of Oman.

Faaxy was born on 19 January 1984 in Kerala, India . He started to learn dance at the age of 10. While attending high school he participated in talent shows .At the age of fifteen, along with his family, he moved to Oman, Faaxy later found interest in computers, a hobby which has driven him deeper to computing graphical design,Web Development, Apps Developing and musical programming. He initially had no musical background, but was able to teach himself by watching YouTube tutorials based on musical production.

He has written several songs like “Tempting,” “Falling for another,” “You know what,” “Faaxy Code,” “In The Darkness,” and many more.

“His rhythmic EDM and POP but eclectic musical expression defies established norms and reverberates the senses with a mesmeric intimacy, not broadcast in traditional compositions, as can be felt in his latest release, “You Are The One.” “I would like to thank my fans for supporting, and they should have their questions ready for me,” he said. “My fans are the best ever. A lot of them are called #Faaxy, and they are just amazing.”

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