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F10 Opens Applications for Fintech Accelerator Program

If you are a fintech startup looking for an Incubator and Accelerator program to help you start and build your business, join F10 Fintech Accelerator Program.  F10 is the premier FinTech Incubator and Accelerator in Switzerland, based in Zurich. It was established in August 2015 by SIX, the Swiss financial infrastructure giant, to foster innovation and industrialization within Switzerland and around the world.

Registration for P2 program is now open until April 28th, 2017, for the P2 FinTech Startup Accelerator Program, which will take place from July 3rd to December 7th, 2017. Register here

Since its inception, F10 has achieved great milestones including:

  • Expansion of technology scouting
  • Staging of two international hackathons
  • Building over two dozen prototypes
  • Helping to create a marketable product in 6 months

In 2016, F10 began a new milestone when it started offering a comprehensive accelerator program to startups. The startups have been drawn from 3 key sectors of financial services thus;

  1. Fintech
  2. Insuretech
  3. Regtech

F10 has a track record of innovation, creation of useful products for future financial services sector and accelerating startups. This has greatly depended on its corporate members including banks, insurance companies and the Swiss financial infrastructure giant, SIX. As it stands, F10 is in a very good position to foster real collaboration between startups and leading financial institutions in the world.

Currently, F10 has divided its accelerator program into three parts, with the sole aim of nurturing startups into great companies.

a) P1: Idea to prototype

Once in every year, F10 gives an opportunity to teams with winning ideas to develop them into prototypes modelled on a one-month hackathon. Individuals as well as employees of the corporate members may apply for the program.

b) P2: Prototype to product

F10 offers a six-month training to teams with a great prototype in a program where up to 20 teams are allowed to participate. The teams receive help in transforming their prototypes into sellable products. Each team participating in the program is usually supported by a coach who must be a member of F10 and an external mentor. All the participating teams are allowed to access the working space at F10 Zurich. However, there is no requirement for the teams to be on site for the entire year.

In both P1 and P2 programs, focus is on 5 key areas;

  • Team, Vision and Strategy
  • Business, product and technology
  • Marketing and sales
  • Legal and regulations
  • Demo day and graduation

c) P3: Product to Market

Here, F10 offers a platform for the collaboration of startups with the F10 corporate members to come up with proofs of concept (POCs) despite their differing scales, speeds and mentalities.

Currently, F10 is receiving applications from startups that wish to participate in the program in the coming summer. There are many advantages of applying for the program including:

  1. A comprehensive accelerator program adjusted to suit the applicant’s needs. The typical program will run from the transformation of an Idea into a prototype and finally into a product that can be sold in the market.
  2. Access to F10’s global network of banks, angels, VCs and regulators
  3. Access to mentors who guide you in developing your prototype through the stages up to the time you turn it into a product
  4. An in-depth experience with financial services market leaders

The F10 program has so far attracted a diverse group of entrepreneurs from across the globe who are coming up with real financial innovations that are changing the financial landscape in the entire world. An explosion in the number of fintech startups will certainly continue to be experienced especially in Switzerland due to the enabling environment created by F10.

How to Apply –  Click here to Register 

Application Dates  – Open until April 28th, 2017

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