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Exploring the Most Economical Shipping Solutions from China to Vietnam

1. TOP 3 Reasons to Choose a Shipping Service for Taobao to Vietnam

Having mastered the art of ordering from Taobao, or ordering from 1688, readers are likely well-versed in selecting their favorite items from the platform. However, managing the procurement and shipping independently poses a different set of challenges. Compared to purchasing, the complexities of shipping and order tracking arise due to the following reasons:

  • Numerous Taobao shops only offer domestic shipping, necessitating a Chinese address for delivery. Obtaining items from Taobao may require enlisting acquaintances in China for shipping.
  • International shipping services for Taobao are available but tend to be costly, and extended wait times are inevitable.
  • Individuals seeking bulk purchases for business purposes might consider personally traveling to collect the items. However, this method is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and involves substantial costs, especially for larger orders.

Given these limitations, shipping items from Taobao becomes more challenging than ever. However, with a reliable shipping service, all these issues can be efficiently addressed. This eliminates the need for extended waiting times and offers cost savings in both travel and shipping expenses.

Reasons to choose a shipping service for Taobao to Vietnam

2. WeLog – A Trusted and Cost-Effective Taobao Shipping Service

After having known how to order items from Taobao, demands of finding shipping services have emerged. However, not all are trustworthy and of economical price. For those seeking a reliable Taobao shipping service, WeLog stands out.

WeLog – A Trusted and Cost-Effective Taobao Shipping Service

With a commitment to providing the best services and prioritizing customer satisfaction, WeLog continuously enhances its China-to-Vietnam shipping services. WeLog aims to be a leading provider of high-quality services in the field of shipping from China.

When opting for WeLog’s services, customers enjoy several benefits:

  • Swift delivery times: Within just 2-3 days, items ordered are transported to WeLog’s warehouse in China before being shipped to Vietnam. Minimal waiting times are a notable advantage.
  • Affordable service fees: WeLog offers the lowest service fees in the market, at just 11,000 VND per kilogram.
  • Multiple warehouses: WeLog’s numerous warehouses across China to reduce domestic shipping costs for customers.
  • Door-to-door delivery: WeLog supports home delivery upon arrival in Vietnam.
  • Safety: WeLog ensures careful handling of shipped items, offering services like wooden packing, shock-proof packaging, and item counting upon customer request.
  • Return and exchange support: In cases of mistaken deliveries, poor-quality items, or damages, WeLog assists customers with returns, exchanges, and complaint resolutions with suppliers.

3. WeLog’s Taobao Shipping Service Price List

The formula for calculating WeLog’s Taobao shipping service fees is as follows:

Shipping Fee = Fixed Fee of 3,000 VND per order + Weight-based Shipping Fee 

WeLog provides two Taobao shipping packages:

3.1. Standard Shipping

Hanoi: 36,000 VND for under 10kg, 35,000 VND for 10-20kg, 33,000 VND for 20-70kg, 32,000 VND for 70 – 200 kg, contact for over 200kg.

Ho Chi Minh City: 42,000 VND for under 10kg, 41,000 VND for 10-20kg, 39,000 VND for 20-70kg, 38,000 VND for 70 – 200 kg, contact for over 200kg.

3.2. Economical Shipping

Hanoi: 23,000 VND for 70 – 200 kg, 19,000 VND for 200 – 300 kg, 18,000 VND for 300 – 700 kg, 17,000 VND for 700 – 1000 kg, contact for over 1000kg.

Ho Chi Minh City: 29,000 VND for 70-200kg, 25,000 VND for 200 – 300 kg, 23,000 VND for 300 – 700 kg, 22,000 VND for 700 – 1000 kg, contact for over 1000kg.

Note 1: Distinctions between heavy and bulky items:

  • Shipping fees for Taobao items to Vietnam are calculated based on both weight and volume for bulky items.
  • Heavy items have an actual weight greater than their volumetric weight.
  • Bulky items have an actual weight less than their volumetric weight.

Note 2: Prohibited items for shipping from China to Vietnam via WeLog:

  • Drugs and stimulants, powders of any kind.
  • Nutritional supplements (perfume, food, medicine, solutions).
  • Weapons, ammunition, military equipment (guns, knives, swords, daggers, scissors, etc.).
  • Culturally subversive items, objects intended to destroy public order against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Explosive, flammable, hazardous materials, or items harmful to hygiene and the environment.
  • Items prohibited by the state for circulation, business, export, import.
  • Living organisms.

4. Utilizing WeLog’s Taobao Shipping Service

After selecting a preferred Taobao shipping service, customers should focus on the process of placing orders and shipping with WeLog. The process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Create a Taobao shipping order

Upon logging into WeLog’s system, click on the shopping cart icon (top right corner) to access the order interface.

In the left column list, select “Create Consignment Order.”

Step 2: Provide WeLog’s China warehouse address to the Taobao shop

Scroll down to see WeLog’s warehouse address in China.

Step 3: Obtain the shop’s waybill number

Contact the shop where the items were ordered to obtain the waybill number for the order.

Step 4: Choose the warehouse and the receiving address in Vietnam:

Select the receiving address and optional cargo insurance services.

Step 5: Enter the waybill number, order value, item information, and select insurance services:

Enter the received order number, amount, and item information.

Step 6: Pay the weight fee upon item arrival, and receive the item.

After 2 – 3 days (for Hanoi) or 4 – 5 days (for Ho Chi Minh City), pay the weight fee to have the items delivered to your address.

With these six straightforward steps, customers complete the process of creating a consignment order on WeLog. With the services offered by WeLog, WeLog takes pride in being one of the most trusted shipping services for Taobao orders among customers today. We hope that through this article, readers have gained valuable information and found a reliable Taobao shipping service for their needs.

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