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Exploring the Flavors and the Tastes of the Most Popular E-Liquids

The incredible advantage that vaping has over cigarette smoking is the vast number of flavors and tastes that they can call on, turning the vaping process into much more of a sensual experience. To help aspiring vapors, it helps to break down this plethora of choices into various categories so that decision paralysis doesn’t set in. 

In essence, there are five categories into which you can shoe-horn the most common flavors. Most of them revolve around food and drink, and these categories are fruit, mains and desserts, candy, and drinks. The last two categories call on old-fashioned smoking tastes of menthol and tobacco itself. Many of the better brands cover all of these, as can be seen at the elfbar shop here.

Fruit Flavor E-Liquids

Fruit flavors are some of the most desired vaping tastes, with watermelon and strawberry leading the charts. You needn’t confine yourself to these, though, as if there is a fruit, there is almost certainly an e-liquid that will mimic its flavor. 

The irony is that even if you are not particularly fond of eating a specific type of fruit, such as a pear, the way the taste is delivered inside the vapor provides a new experience, and many have found that their favorite fruit vapes are fruits they wouldn’t normally consider eating. 

The fruit category goes beyond the single fruit tastes and contains all manner of fruit cocktails, often with crazy or funky names attached, such as unicorn milk as strawberry and cream mix. 

Food Flavored ‘Vape Juices’

Continuing with the food theme, e-liquid manufacturers seemed to have rifled through the contents of your fridge and cupboards to pull out almost every food taste you can imagine. 

You can probably split this group into two categories, mains and dessert. In effect, you can enjoy the taste of a whole three-course meal when vaping if the urge takes you. You can have melon to start, followed by a curry and then dessert. 

Dessert is probably where the real taste sensations happen. A delicious dessert who doesn’t like those. Except with vape juice, there is no need to worry about enlarging waistlines! Vapes allow you to scoff as much as you want and keep coming back for more. Apple pie, custard, and almost any cake you can imagine are all available to puff.

Candy Puffing

Hot on the heels of dessert probably comes candy. For sweet tooth bunnies, you are going to just love what is available to try. Chocolate, branded candy, anything you can name from almost anywhere in the world, it is going to be available. Want to enjoy a white Toblerone, then you can.

Just as with the desserts, there are no calories to be concerned with. Dieters or diabetics can indulge in all their glory, swatting aside the psychological angst that can be present when the taste you most crave is forbidden. Dentists are also going to be in for a short shrift. No sugar, no cavities, and much less chance of nicotine stains on your teeth through puffing on your vaping device.

Drink to Your Heart’s Content

Moving from food to drink can be accomplished as easily as switching between disposable vapes. Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, or a combination of the pair, nothing is forbidden, you can sit back and at least enjoy the taste of anything you imagine.

The most popular drinks for e-liquids are punches and slushies. If you have ever made a normal punch, you will know you can pretty much add anything and create the taste you desire. Of course, plain old colas and lemonade are also there if you want to keep it simple.

If you are less refined, then you can enjoy a snakebite and black or just a simple bourbon and coke. Whatever you would order from the bar will be available. You won’t be getting drunk, though, so you can consume as much as your tastes can cope with.

Keeping it Traditional with Tobacco and Menthol

Smoking the old-fashioned way tended to result in restricted tastes. Sure, there were flavored cigarettes, but there weren’t many that didn’t taste like a cow’s backside.

Traditional tobacco and menthol flavors have crossed over into the new world of vaping, with many of the hardened smokers still looking to have the taste of tobacco rattling through their sinuses. Menthol has survived, possibly even flourished, and still remains a good way to keep your head clear. 


Being into vaping has become somewhat of an adventure. There are so many flavors and tastes that you can pick out, with new ones seemingly introduced on a weekly basis, that your vaping journey will never end. With major brands competing for perfection, there has never been a better time to get into vaping!

Something for everyone is a common enough saying, but this is demonstrably true in the world of vaping. Sticking with the old tobacco and menthol flavors also isn’t going to make you sweat. Alternatively, if you want to stride out and into the new world of banana bubble gum, you will find it available, and what is more, the taste you experience is almost better than the original. 

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