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Exploring the Different Types of Hair Extensions and their Pros and Cons

Hair extensions are the booming trends in the fashion industry regarding the beauty of your hair. These extensions add length and volume to the hair. Ladies are adopting hair extensions rapidly because these extensions transform their appearance entirely and they feel confident with voluminous and shiny hair.

If you are a trend seeker lady and want different types of hair extensions with the touch of glamor and innovation, hair extensions salon in Dubai is for you. Skilled staff with impeccable expertise can cater all your needs regarding hair extensions. This comprehensive guide will guide you about the types of hair extensions and their pros and cons.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions give a quick transformation to your personality. These extensions come with pre-attached clips and easily use according to your needs. Clip-in hair extensions in Dubai come with a variety of textures using human hair, and this specifically makes Clip-in worth adopting option. This is a vibrant choice for those who are looking for something different.

Pros of Clip-in

1. Quick transfiguration:

Best for those with busy schedules and don’t have time for long appointments. Now you can get a gorgeous look with a fraction of time.

2. Exceptional Quality:

Clip extensions are made from human hair providing a natural look. These extensions give a chance to transform your personality with different textures.

3. Wave Texture:

This characteristic shows that this distinctive kind of hair extension fits for all hair types without making any difference with your natural hair.

Cons of Clip-Ins:

Although Clip in extensions are frequently used due to its easy use even then clip in involves some drawback such as:

1. Visibility:

The main drawback of clip in extension is the visibility especially with short hair. If your natural hair does not cover the clips, they give an odd look.

2. Keep up:

Maintenance of clip in extensions is hard as compared to others. Don’t forget to remove the extensions before going to bed. Clip- in can’t hold styling as your natural hair.

3. Not fit for high-energy activities:

Clip in extensions don’t allow you swimming as they can loose easily.

Life Span of Clip-in Hair Extensions:

Longevity of clip in extensions on the proper care such as gentle washing, avoiding heat, and keeping them in the pouches. Measuring these parameters, they can last from 6-12 months everywhere.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tap ins extensions provide a semi-permanent way of application in which a thin and straight layer of hair is attached to your natural hair using a long lasting sticky tape. These layers are applied against the scalp, making them invisible. Tape- in hair extensions are durable than clip in. They are easy to apply and remove.

Pros of Tape-in

1. Look Natural:

As Tape- in extension are smooth and flat, merge easily with your natural hair providing a soft transition which can’t be recognize.

2. Lightweight:

The weft gives out the weight equally with no tightness on your natural hair. This specialty makes it different from other extensions.

  1. Usability:

Due to its smoothness and light weightage, they can transform in a variety of styles. You can enjoy different hair styles like high tail and up dos.

Cons of Tape-in

No doubt, tape-in extensions are a good addition to enhance your beauty however, they have some drawbacks to consider:

1. Cost Concern:

Although tape-in extensions help transform your entire look with their amazing texture, they are expensive especially when you look for human hair application on a regular basis.

2. Short Lifespan:

The lifespan of tap-in extensions is limited. Generally they last 4-6 weeks.

3. Not Comfortable Enough:

Tape-in extensions, when applied quite close to the scalp, can cause discomfort and irritation.

4. Maintenance:

Tape-in extensions undoubtedly boost gorgeous looks, but the maintenance is a bit hard. They require specific care like using a gentle shampoo, brushing regularly and avoiding harsh touching and pulling.

5. Potential for Damage:

Improper application and removal may cause damage to your extensions. Consult a skilled stylist when you need to remove the extensions so they can last for enough time.

Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew- in, the other name is weave, is a permanent procedure. They involve braiding your hair into cornrows and sewing the weft of your hair extensions into the braid with a needle and thread. The complex  process of sew-in hair extensions makes it worth using. Only professional technicians can cater the method .

Pros of Sew-ins:

1. Look Natural

Sew-in hair extensions look like your natural hair, if a proficient technician caters the procedure.

2. Heat & Glue free

Sew-ins application works without heat and glue. This specialty helps prevent the hair from getting damaged.

Cons of Sew-ins:

1. Time-Consuming Installation:

Sew-ins process involves a long time sitting especially if you want a full head weave. Consider a professional with innovative techniques to handle the procedure.

2. Maintenance:

Maintenance of Sew-ins extensions along with your natural hair is hard including cleaning and moisturizing.

Longevity of Sew-ins Hair Extensions

After having Sew-ins extensions, proper cleaning and conditioning is crucial. Using a gentle shampoo for washing hair can help maintain longevity of hair extensions.  Make it clear that the braids are fully dry underneath the weave. Visit regularly to maintain the tightening.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions present a seductive way to get desired length, volume, and style adaptability. While bonded extensions, including sew-ins and keratins, offer long-lasting effects but necessitate professional installation, clip-in extensions offer instant glam and are simple to apply. All extensions, nevertheless, have disadvantages.

While bonded extensions run the danger of harming natural hair and require attention, clip-ins may be noticeable and need to be maintained. The ideal option ultimately relies on your desired appearance, way of life, and degree of commitment.


Q1. Can I wash my hair extensions regularly?

  1. Yes, you can wash your hair regularly with gentle soap or sulfate free shampoo.

Q2. My hair is short. Can I add extensions to my hair?

  1. Of course, you can add hair extensions to your short hair to get desired length, color and volume.

Q3. Are hair extensions hard to maintain?

  1. No, with proper care you can maintain your extension. Take into account some considerations such as regular washing with gentle shampoo, brushing regularly, and braiding when sleeping.

Q4. What types of hair extensions are perfect for thin hair?

  1. If you want to give volume to your thin hair, Tape-in and Nano-ring hair extensions can be a good option.

Q5. Can I get my roots done with extensions?

  1. Yes, You can get your roots done with extensions but without affecting the adhesive tabs.

Q6. Can I color or style extensions?

  1. Yes, you can color and style your extensions according to your desire, however consult the expert stylist. Avoid heat while coloring the synthetic extensions.
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