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Exploring How the Waffle Exchange Will Redefine the Role of Dexes

The Binance Smart chain is growing at an attractive rate, with new projects preferring this platform as their host. Already, multiple outlets are offering Dex services in the BSC chain, and some of those like PancakeSwap are doing great business. 

One problem that most Defi platforms, including those based in BSC, are yet to solve is the lengthy purchasing assets process. For instance, it takes lots of time for an investor to manually go through several decentralized exchanges to find their favorite assets at reasonable prices. The process often takes minutes or even hours, and with the crypto volatility, the prices change in seconds, making things harder.

However, a new platform is launching decentralized exchange services, but with a twist. It’s going to make it easy to find BSC-based assets at great market prices. 

Waffle Exchange

Waffle exchange is a crypto decentralized exchange ecosystem, providing various services with the idea of making things easy for Defi investors. This platform/ecosystem is based on the Binance smart chain and aims to aid investors of the BSC network, make more income passively. 

Waffle introduces a world of features to ensure it provides safe and reliable services in the crypto Defi sphere. Among the features include the Waffle Aggregator, Waffle token($WAF), and the RSEX decentralized exchange platform. Therefore, Waffle is not merely a platform but rather an ecosystem with several excellent features. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Waffle Aggregator

The Waffle aggregator is a tool designed by Waffle specifically for BSC-based decentralized exchanges. This tool will help identify the exchange platform with the best prevailing prices in the market. The aggregator project is already on the website, and it’s quite easy to use. 

Instead of manually checking several exchanges, an investor only needs to place the asset selection for purchase and the payment asset. The aggregator is connected to several exchanges, i.e., JulSwap, PancakeSwap, and BakerySwap; it automatically checks from the three where the best price is. It shows the prices from the Dexes and marks the ‘Best.

Once the investor notices the best price, it’s up to them to make an investment decision, after which they press the open button to purchase the asset from the best exchange. Since the aggregator is non-custodial, the investor has an easy time purchasing the tokens directly from their favorite wallet. Using a non-custodial system helps guarantee investors the security of their wealth. 

The aggregator’s provision will help investors maximize incomes and relatively reduce their risks. Additionally, Waffle provides a launchpad for initial liquidity offerings, helping expand the crypto and Defi world. Since the crypto world is fast-growing, providing a launchpad will pave the way for more projects to join crypto.

RSet Exchange

The Waffle network has its exchange platform dubbed RSet. This platform will help provide decentralized exchange services for many BSC and non BSC tokens. 

This exchange tool is created with ultimate simplicity, convenience, and reliability. It’s relatively easy to pick your choice of a token and swap it. It is even more simple to set the slippage by accessing the settings feature. 

The Waffle Token

The Waffle exchange has its native token Waffle($WAF), which helps in running the ecosystem’s activities. This token aids in the payment of services. Accordingly, since the governance model of Waffle is community-based, token holders will be contributors to the decision-making of the platform’s governance. 

As the Waffle ecosystem grows, so will the services the token will offer. To maintain the long-term reliability of $WAF, Waffle instills a token burn mechanism, thus making the tokens deflationary. It will burn 1% of the value for every TX perpetually.

The current total supply of Waffle tokens is 50 million $WAF. According to their medium, before the presale, the platform will lock 50% of its tokens as security for presale investors. However, the platform allocates some tokens as follows;

  • 8% an equivalent of 4 million tokens were sold during the private sale
  • 20%, an equivalent of 10 million tokens, will be sold in the public sale starting Friday
  • 7% of the tokens will help bolster the liquidity of the tokens

Other Features of The Waffle Ecosystem

  1. Staking and Yield Farming
    The platform promises to host a world of staking and yield farming options. The staking feature will help investors earn for staking the crypto assets supported in the platform. Moreover, like Pancakeswap, this platform will host a world of pools to help investors maximize their incomes.
  2. The Governance Model
    The platform adopts the community governance system, where the members and token holders will vote for various aspects of the project, including fees and rewards. According to their website, they’ll have two types of governance.
    – Pool governance will help set parameters per pool, i.e., swap fee, impact fee, and decay duration
    – Factory governance will help set regulations for all pools like the standard default price impact fee, swap fee, decay period. Moreover, other aspects like the referral and governance rewards will fall under factory governance
  3. Secure and Audited
    The waffle ecosystem prioritizes the security of the investors. The platform and its ready projects have undergone auditing by CDTSec, a famous blockchain auditing company.The platform has posted their audit report on their webpage, showing their complete adherence to Cybersecurity regulations.
  4. Privacy
    The platform also ensures that the investors’ information remains highly anonymous. As such, it does not have KYC procedures for verification of a person’s identity.
  5. User Friendly and Affordable
    The UI of the Waffle ecosystem is user-friendly and intuitive. On the dashboard, a user can access all the services available on the platform. Each project’s dashboard is simple, even for a learning crypto enthusiast.The platform is also going to provide services at an affordable fee. Waffle BSC base helps ensure favorable charges in service provision.

The Upcoming Token Presale

The Waffle ecosystem will be doing its token presales from the 16th of April 2021 and aims to have significant public support. This presale will go live at exactly 18;00 UTC and the target hard-cap is 1500BNB.

When it comes to pricing during the presale, each BNB will be equivalent to 6666 $WAF tokens. Accordingly, the platform sets the maximum number of tokens that a wallet can purchase during this presale at 10BNB.

After hitting the hard cap, Waffle will list the tokens in exchange platforms like RSet and PancakeSwap. The listing price is 4800 $WAF tokens are the equivalent of 1BNB. Investors are invited to participate in the token presale of this platform and await the platform’s benefits.

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