Exploring Bitrock Blockchain: A Paradigm Shift in Layer 2

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Bitrock Blockchain has quietly made its presence felt, offering a unique and unconventional take on Layer 2 (L2) blockchains. Launched discreetly on July 13th, Bitrock’s approach challenges the status quo. So, what makes Bitrock a noteworthy addition to the crypto world?

A Self-Funded Vision

Bitrock’s journey takes an unconventional route. Unlike the typical reliance on venture capital or fundraising rounds, the Bitrock team chose to self-finance the entire blockchain development process. In just two months, they transformed their vision into a fully operational blockchain, displaying an exceptional level of commitment to their project.

Originality Redefined

Bitrock stands out as an original creation. It is not another fork of an existing blockchain. This underscores the team’s innovation and expertise. Moreover, Bitrock’s total supply is equal to its circulating supply, eliminating concerns about locked or vested tokens.

A Strong Focus on Security and Compliance

Bitrock places a premium on security and compliance. The core team has undergone rigorous KYC verification with Assure DeFi, and they maintain collaborative ties with law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office. This commitment sets new industry standards for security and transparency.

Audit Success with CTDSEC

Bitrock recently subjected itself to a comprehensive blockchain and contract audit by CTDSEC, a reputable name in the crypto audit space. The fact that Bitrock’s audit passed with flying colors underscores its dedication to transparency and security.

A Modern Approach to Consensus

Bitrock adopts the Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, promising faster transactions, lower costs, and improved scalability and security compared to traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems.

Swift and Cost-Efficient Transactions

Bitrock boasts remarkably low gas fees, with transactions costing only $0.00001 each on average. The blockchain features a 2-second block time and a remarkable throughput of 12,000 transactions per second (TPS). For context, Matic achieves 7,000 TPS, while Arbitrum’s block time can be around 14 seconds.

Multichain Integration for Seamless Transactions

Bitrock’s official DEX, Rockswap, plans to revolutionize cross-chain transactions. An upcoming multichain integration layer will empower users to trade tokens on their native chains (beginning with ETH) without relying on external platforms or native token fees. This innovation promises to simplify and reduce the cost of inter-chain transactions.

Empowering Token Creation

Bitrock introduced an in-house token builder utility, making token creation accessible to all, without the need for coding or technical expertise. Using a standardized preloaded contract, anyone can configure contracts and launch tokens with ease.

Lucrative Staking Opportunities

Bitrock offers enticing staking opportunities, with attractive annual percentage yields (APY). Users can stake on both the Ethereum side and the mainnet, enjoying APY rates set at 30% and 60%, respectively. Currently, over 40% of the total supply is staked.

Collaborative Success

Bitrock seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including Dextools, Dexview, Bitmart, Pinksale, Geckoterminal, Avedex, and Trustwallet. The team’s collaborative approach extends to official partner projects, which undergo a rigorous vetting process. In return, Bitrock offers marketing support, pre and post-launch assistance, and incentives for successful partnerships.

A Bright Future Beckons

As Bitrock continues to gain momentum and unveil new developments, the crypto community eagerly anticipates its future. With a dedication to security, innovation, and transparency, Bitrock Blockchain has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in the blockchain arena.

For more insights into Bitrock’s cutting-edge technology and its recent audit, please refer to the audit report shared by CTDSEC here and by the Bitrock team here.

Bitrock’s journey has only just begun, and its innovative approach to blockchain development promises a future filled with exciting possibilities for the crypto industry.

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