Exploring Amazon’s Viral TikTok Products

The amount of #AmazonFinds that have risen to immediate fame on TikTok are astounding—so much so that the mega-retailer has taken notice of all these trending items and gathered them into a single storefront appropriately called Internet Famous. The homepage is a digital hidden world for beauty, fashion, and home products that have made headlines on the social media platform—and due to the power of Prime, the majority of them can be yours in less than 48 hours (assuming they’re still in stock, of course).

If the Gen Z crowd hasn’t already made it obvious, TikTok’s M.O. is all about discovering little-known gems that will enhance your life in some way—typically from large shopping hubs with stacked digital aisles. (Think of the world’s Amazons, Targets, and Shein’s.) Despite their admiration for these corporate behemoths, the TikTok group values credibility, so every item on the Famous Internet hub has five-star ratings to back up the excitement.

First and foremost, those scrunchie leggings that ostensibly raise your ass to new heights are flying off the shelves. A spiky acupressure pad (it’s called wellness! ), The Ordinary’s beloved hyaluronic acid cream, and some low-key chic ’70s-inspired patchwork denim are also on the list. There are plenty of cheap, unexpected things up for grabs—and Amazon’s Internet Popular storefront is updated in real-time, so bookmark the page to stay up to date with what goods are selling.

Following is a list of the best viral TikTok items that Amazon sellers can’t seem to hold in stock.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

After going viral on TikTok, this mascara began flying off the shelves at drugstores. It is said to add significant length to natural eyelashes, giving the appearance of an extension or raise. It rose to prominence in late December 2020, when TikTok user @jessica.c.eid shared a video in collaboration with Maybelline. The video shows her applying the mascara and demonstrating the dramatic effects.

There is no denying that the positive feedback from TikTokers and beauty influencers aided in sales. Only look at how monthly sales took off in December and have remained consistent to this day. In reality, this product is currently ranked seventh in Amazon’s Beauty & Personal Care section.

An AGROSTE Leggings (aka “the TikTok Leggings”)

The “butt lift” impact of these high-waisted, textured, and stretchy ruched leggings went viral. One consumer also referred to them as “the magical leggings.” They are also available in a variety of colors and lengths. You can still find many videos of TikTokers putting them on, working out with them, or catching a significant other’s response to them.

While you uploaded this video in January 2020, monthly sales for this product increased in August of last year, reaching $10,378, a 4279 percent rise.

The product’s price increased in the summer of last year, from around $8 to its current market price of approximately $30.

Nosame Shower Head

This showerhead became famous on TikTok due to its ability to raise water pressure and filter water, preventing hard water from removing moisture from your hair and skin. Videos usually display a “before and after” comparison of the old and improved water.

Beginning in December 2020, sales of this product began to exceed $6,500. (around the same time videos like the above started popping up). By January 2021, revenue had risen to $16,664, representing a 156 percent increase.

This product’s price has risen from $12 to nearly $20, a 67 percent improvement over the previous year.

Cat Crack

A cat named “Lunch” is shown in the video, diving face-first into a container of catnip as his trainer attempts to get him to show some “self-control.” The video quickly went viral, with over 4 million views. As a result, the company received so many orders that it ran out of inventory.

Luckily, “Cat Crack” is currently back in stock. The product’s Amazon rank rose from about 399 to 14 shortly after it went viral. Furthermore, over the last six months, average monthly sales for this commodity have ranged from $10,000 to $15,000.

During the same period, the price of this commodity increased significantly from $10 to nearly $15.

Day better LED String Lights

Thanks to their low cost and ease of installation, LED lights are making a comeback, especially in teen bedrooms and dorm rooms. These “TikTok lights” are long strips of colored LED lights that are controlled by a remote. You can design a colorful, highly customizable space.

Monthly sales of products like this reached a high of more than $23,000 in December 2020. The appeal has since dipped and balanced out at about $6,000 a month.

Dely-Gely Fruit Jelly

TikTok’s Delay-Gely Fruit Jelly TikTok is excellent at making people want to try new foods. As a result, these sizable gummy fruit candies in plastic are ubiquitous. The excitement comes from watching someone bite into one and gush all over the place.

Peak monthly revenues on Amazon have surpassed $3,500 from $194 since the product’s release in early 2020.

Prep Deck Meal Prep Kit

TikTok’s influence applies to household products as well. For example, Prep Deck’s kitchen gadget is advertised as providing “everything you need to prep your meals in one room.” Sales were boosted by videos that demonstrated many of the product’s functionality.

Over the last six months, sales of this product ranged from $900 to about $1,300.

Kokostar Lip Mask, $38

There’s no question that the cutesy packaging played a role in the lip masks’ viral success. The lip-formed tins and similar-looking lip masks wowed skincare TikTok in 2020, selling out repeatedly.

CeraVe Hydrating Face Cleaner

CeraVe is a low-cost skincare brand that you can find at your nearest drugstore. So, what caused this product to go viral? TikTok users discovered this product last summer, and it has not been easy to find in stores since then. Videos from happy clients, skincare experts like @skincarebyhyram, and even dermatologists like Dr. Shaw aided in its development.

This product began selling well in early Spring 2020 and is now ranked 15th in the Beauty & Personal Care section on Amazon. To market its brands, the company has now collaborated with influencers.

BlissLights Sky Lite

This galaxy light transforms your entire space into a breathtaking starry night sky. This light is the top mood jumper and just simply fantastic for TikTok, which is all about aesthetics.

Glow in the Dark Ceiling Balls

TikTok users went crazy for these glow-in-the-dark sticky balls. TikTok videos show TikTokers tossing them at walls or ceilings to de-stress. The videos are enjoyable to watch and listen to. When they come into contact with something, they make an excellent sound.

After October 2020, Amazon’s product has steadily increased in monthly revenue. They are recently listed 1,226 in the Toy & Game category. In the last six months, the cost has also varied from about $9 to about $15.

E.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer

The bendability and texture of the total coverage e.l.f. Camo Concealer inspired TikTok users. Customers reported, “you can’t even afford not to try it,” and it’s accessible to local drugstores.

The favorite concealer’s sales skyrocketed from $126 in July 2020 to $7,571 by December 2020. This product is recently ranked 14th in the Amazon subcategory Concealers & Makeup.

Medium Hair Claw Clips for Thick Hair

TikTok has single-handedly revived claw clips, and we’re prepared to bring the ’90s trend into the twenty-first century with this sleek tortoise kit.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, $7.20

This blood-red serum smoothes skin and cures imperfections and is possibly the most viral skincare brand on TikTok this year.

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