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Explore the Simple yet Brilliant Power of RFID in Supply Chain

Supply Chain

You will be the first to accelerate your business landscape, the one to unlock unparalleled customer experience. And, your supply chain process will not need constant revisions. 

We have unlocked the golden in demand innovation that giants use to catapult exemplary supply chain processes.

In this digital age, the omnipotent omni channel Ecommerce is at the commanding stage. But, did you know it is the technology that is a real reformer?. Right from the recent inventions like AI-Chatbots to older tech setups like RFID in supply chain management (Radio Frequency Identification),Technology has helped the business to revamp and scratch the surface.

E-Commerce has taken the consumers’ expectations to an unworldly level. From what was a mere wish or hard-to-achieve notion is now a non-negotiable for the consumers. On the other hand, Q-Commerce has powered up new entrants like same-day deliveries, reaching-to-you-now and vertical commerce setups. But, this has potentially escalated the pressure on the businesses. And, mainly the pressure to conveniently streamline the supply-chain management cycle is real. More like the newer E-Commerce Models has made it imperative for the business to adapt a groundbreaking supply-chain model.

The question here is: What are the businesses undertaking as best supply chain solutions? But an even bigger question is: Is it the buzzing Radio waves based tags that are doing wonders by unlocking advantages of RFID in supply chain management? Let’s check the below to decode the secret.

What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)?

RFID technology uses data transmitted through radio waves to wirelessly identify any object. RFIDs mainly use smart barcodes. Companies use this technology for merchandise, and they also apply it to various cross-industry applications like healthcare, logistics, and more.

RFIDs are mainly of two types: Active RFID & Passive RFID. In a nutshell, Active RFID is a battery powered tag which naturally supports longer read ranges and tracking capabilities. And, on the other hand, Passive RFIDs allow shorter read ranges and tracking control.

At the core, RFID is composed of a reader, tag, antenna, middleware and a backend communication infrastructure. But, this is something that we should not be focusing on. The real scheme of things that RFID brings to the table is Supply chain efficiency. And, it is a fact that supply chain solutions and efficiency is a backbone for the commerce or merchandise business. Considering the current competitive times, there is hardly any room that the businesses have got to bear any glitches.

On the other hand, RFIDs have been a hot pick for the industry giants like Walmart, DHL and ZARA. Because with major automation kicking in and trends like click- and- collect have made the operational efficiency seamless and accelerate customer satisfaction.

Quick Fact: RFID was used back in the 1940’s a primitive radio based system by the navy to identify the friend or foe aircraft.

How does RFID Revolutionize Supply Chain Management?

Let’s explore how adopting RFID helps to achieve a competitive edge in the versatile accelerated business environment.

Technology has been a pioneer of reshaping and revolutionizing tasks and processes. And, yet another tech-forefront which is gaining traction or rather panning flexibility like confetti for the most tickling task is RFID. 

But, how RFID is used in supply chain management is a big question. 

In this digital age, catering to the consumers expectations is the prime survival hack for the businesses. Right from managing the inventory, business operations, supply chain management to decoding accurate deliveries including last mile delivery. Businesses need to checklist all those points for ultimate success.

So, this is where RFID comes to show.

Application of RFID in Supply Chain Management 

These days, where digitization is at the forefront. Not taking up the tech advances and automation can get your business derailed from success. Moreover, supply chain is something that needs attention from every nook and cranny. Because let’s be honest the probability of losing the consumers is far more than earning one.

There is no other way out but to get your supply chain solutions and logistics in line and the secret sauce to it is implementing RFID. But, to know what would this Radio Frequency Identification technology browse in. Dig Deeper.

  • Stock Tracking via RFID Tags
  • Real-time Monitoring of Assets
  • Accurate Inventory Replenishment
  • Automated Checkout Processes

Advantages of RFID in Supply Chain Management

Bygone are the days where businesses had to go through the manual management cycle, RFID has been overturning the entire process passage.

Effective Inventory Management- The Core RFID Perk

  • Now, with RFID tags and scanners all that is left for the supply chain staff is to run the scanning device through the RFID tags.
  • The RFID readers will enable automated and speedy check-runs over the inventory. The readers will then pass the information and updates through real-time visibility.
  • RFID technology in supply chain steers macro advantages like real-time visibility, accurate inventory checks leading to no excess stock.

Lets you unlock minimal wastage and sustainable inventory management.

Asset/ Product Tracking- The Ultimate RFID Gain

  • Software and cloud technology in management is not a new concept anymore. It is very common with digitization to come across softwares for warehouse management. 
  • But, integrating RFID with these softwares like warehouse management software is the new influx. But how? We take it as a ‘RFID Chain that augments Supply Chain.’
  • RFID in supply chain gives a digital identity to a product through a tag. Further these tags communicate with RFID Readers (after all RFID is all about wireless communication) and unravels key updates like real-time location and supply visibility.

Take our word: RFID is your key to accurate deliveries and on point monitoring. Plus, there’s a gain- You can finally bid adieu to the monetary losses and track glitches. 

Product Availability & Storage – Powered by RFID

  • It is not just about capturing the consumer demand wheel but what is more important is ensuring the availability of products. 
  • With modern consumerism, it is important for the business to make sure they do not run out of the products. Because nothing bugs a consumer more than non-availability of a product when they opt for it. And, clearly not where the trend provides click and collect options. 
  • So, RFID ensures that you are not just aware about the customer demand forecasts. But, mainly have a check on availability of products to be delivered to the supplier while making sure the quantity doesn’t lapse. And, with that they can also check the product location via RFID tags.

RFID technology in supply chain is your roadmap to onboard customer satisfaction. 

Accelerate Product Storage & Distribution Process- RFID Autopilot Mode

  • Warehouse management is no longer entwined with monotonous manual record keeping. There is an overturn and shift of tech-incorporation. Now, automation has kicked in. 
  • Operations are taken over by robotic technologies. From checking availability, picking to distribution within the warehouse. Along with that, there robots are nowadays rightly catering to the ancillary processes like packing, picking, restoring and organizing the products.
  • RFID provides immense ease in these processes by providing two kinds of tags namely product tags and equipment tags.

Turn your warehouse management processes on Autopilot mode and unlock cost saving methods by replacing human intensive services.

Prompts Supply Chain Visibility- End to End Check

  • By tracking through product and bin number RFID makes product assessment easier. On the other hand, the end to end visibility is something that empowers the business on multiple levels.
  • The supply chain managers leveraging RFID are at ease with regards to managing timely deliveries, operational efficiencies and managing delays.

Get in the RFID and get your supply chain visibility covered. 

Unravel Just In Time Delivery Management- The RFID Decoder

  • There is a lot that tracking capabilities via RFID brings on the table for the businesses. And, Just in time delivery is yet another advanced facet that businesses easily get to unravel via RFID.
  • RFID just not unlock cost effective perks but also amps up sustainability to another level by cutting off on excessive purchases. 

There are a plethora of perks to pick via RFID. 

Cost-Effective & Customer Savvy Suite of Services- RFID Prominence

  • RFID eliminates a series of labor intensive and manual services and thereby rightly cuts off the costs right away.
  • On the other hand, with minimal lead times businesses are now able to bag in prime customer satisfaction by providing efficient services and favorable deliveries.
  • ALos, with numerous other lucrative facets provided by RFID technology in the supply chain, security against theft and counterfeiting is again a major one.

What is the Future of RFID Technology?

From smart labeling, inventory accuracies to seamless supply chain visibility. RFID is actually on the command line to revamp and revolutionize the supply chain and logistics operations. But, the best part is this wireless technology is actually unlocking the channel-less commerce in a cost-effective manner. And, adding up to the mobile apps for connection updates immensely. 

This smart hub of technology seamlessly integrates your smartphone with the RFID enabled devices, Now this is something that adds up to the leverage, experience convenience and also core supply chain management processes.

However, advancements in technology like supply chain app development is a no-brainer. And, the same goes with this Radio Frequency Identification technology. Though there are challenges of RFID in the supply chain. It certainly has prime features to be unfolded in the near future.

  Let’s explore them.

  1. 5G & RFID- Wireless data exchange is the newest trend. 5G infused with RFID will be stellar in terms of unraveling possibilities of exchanging humongous data sets in no time.
  2. IoT & RFID- Data driven decision making and rapid communication and connectivity channel is a non-negotiable for the businesses. With the competitive trends soaring at sky-high businesses need super automation embedded on IoT x RFID.
  3. Sensor Based RFIDs– Unlocking more levels of insights is going to be a lucrative disc for the businesses in the years to come. But, the information genre is estimated to roll around data based on temperature, humidity and location. Add Ons in terms of data via RFID will be a no-brainer pick for the enterprises.
  4. Hybrid & Sustainable RFIDs- Hybrid and eco-friendly application of technologies is the future. Businesses are taking a forefront in maximizing sustainability and eco-friendly tags and integrating techs like GPS, UPS will be a major RFID unfold.


RFID is a cost effective tech-adoption in supply chain management which is unlocking a suite of flexible management endeavors. Also, Convenience based commerce, Digitized Supply-chain accuracy, smart barcoding  and smarter warehouses are non-negotiables. But, to serve the new trends there is an age-old refined technology- RFID that is redefining the business management dynamics like never before. And, a cost friendly supply chain app development is your go to. 

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