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Explore the Potential of the Best Free Employee Monitoring Software

In today’s world, remote working is becoming increasingly common in most organizations. To Minotaur, the employees’ engagement and productivity is one of the crucial concerns for the business owners. However, there are many employee monitoring software available to keep a check on the progress of your team. In this article, we will discuss the potential of monitoring tools for tracking time and progress effectively. 

What Are Employee Monitoring Software?

These are online as well as offline tools specifically designed to keep a record of employees’ screen activity and work progress. The software is deployed in the teams’ devices provided by the company for effective monitoring of employees’ productivity.

Core Functionalities

  • Apps Monitoring: The employee monitoring tool helps employers to track whether the employees are actually working or just surfing the internet, by providing the app tracking feature. Users can conveniently track the apps and web browsing activities performed by their teams. This feature works as a digital window into the devices employees utilize during their working hours.
  • Time Tracking: One of the core functionalities of these monitoring tools is time tracking. It offers valuable insights into how the team members spend their working hours. The software identifies the period of inactivity and differentiates it from active working hours. By tracking time spent on specific projects and tasks, employers can highlight the areas where the workflow can be effectively optimized. 
  • Recurring Screenshots: The clock-in clock-out software seamlessly takes recurring screenshots of employees’ screens after 1-minute intervals for visual evidence of active working time. These screenshots can be used as active referring points while conducting a training session or assisting employees during remote troubleshooting. Regularly capturing the screen activity of your team members reveals the periods of inactivity and app switching.
  • Visual Log of Activities: Visual logs give you a more comprehensive record of team members’ screen activity. It provides an in-depth view of employees’ activity to understand the workflow patterns and potential distractions. By providing a breakdown of events, the tool helps the employers to interpret what the team member was working on.
  • Real-Time Statistics:  The real-time statistics offered by the tool allow employers to keep track of employees’ performance. It allows users to identify the top-performing members and the ones who are not performing very well. These statistics also work as a time attendance app to know when a certain employee was not present and for how long. 

Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Software

  • Enhanced Productivity: The employee monitoring software helps keep track of how the employees spend their working hours. By tracking the time, app usage and screen activities, the team lead can identify the areas of improvement. This identification can lead to enhanced productivity of employees encouraged by several team meetings and motivational sessions.
  • Excellent Management of Remote Work: This tracking and monitoring software allows employers to have a hold on the screen activities of remote workers. With various functionalities like recurring screenshots, the tool gives the employers access to what the remote employee is working on. This way the employers can conveniently manage the workflow and communication with the team members remotely.
  • Improved Accountability: Employees tend to stay focused and energized when they know that they are being monitored. This minimizes potential distractions and helps in increasing accountability. Features such as a time tracker app for employees provided by a monitoring tool offer the data for logging in and out. This fosters a sense of accountability and responsibility amongst the team members. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: When you integrate monitoring software within your organization, the potential misuse of the company’s resources is minimized. If the employees are utilizing the resources for non-work related tasks, the tool will provide the data for it. Organizations can take steps to address the issues, resulting in cost savings in the long run. 
  • Ensure Complete Data Security: The employee monitoring tool offers utilities like app tracking and screenshots to help identify an organization’s potential data breaches. Employers can monitor the employees’ access to sensitive information under their surveillance to prevent any unauthorized access attempts. Businesses can take instant measures to intact their data security and confidentiality.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: Along with performance tracking, the employee monitoring software can also be useful for identifying productive work habits. By providing the data of exceeding working hours and project goals, employers can identify the high achievers. This identification can lead to acknowledgment and recognition of the hardworking employees within the organization. This positive gesture can motivate the team members and increase their engagement to contribute more enthusiastically.


All in all, employee monitoring software can become a game changer for organizations looking for employee management. The tool not only increases the productivity of employees but also helps the organization to keep a record of its most valuable team members. Hence, incorporating such software can be beneficial for companies in the long run. 


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